Reasons Why You Should Use Blogger Blogging Platform

Here i will give you answers to the above questions, Some say those using blogger are just unserious people hmmm They dont realise the Advantages of this blogging platform.

.First Answer: Though everything has an advantage and disadvantage but the advantages which blogger procures is much morethan it’s disadvantages thats what make’s blogger a good Blogging platform..

Second Answer: I Will Give You Five Advantages Of Using Blogger Blogging Platform.

1. Creation Of Widgets: You Can Create Simple Widgets To Fancy Your Blog With Simple HTML And Javascript. You Dont Need To Learn Many Languages Before Using Blogger Platform
2. Blog Accessibility: You Can Create And Manageg As Many Blogger Blogs As Possible And Access All Of Them From One DashBoard. Isn’t That Great? With Just One Google Account, You Can Manage All Your Blogs Just From One Dashboard For Free.
3. Bandwidth: This Is Not A Thing To Bother Of, Why? It’s Unlimited. You Can Get As Much Traffic As You Want Unlike Blogging Platforms Like WordPress Where You Have Limited Bandwidth Even If You Bought Unlimited Bandwidth, Its Not Always Unlimited.
4. Security: Have No Worries Or Fear About The Security Of Your Blog, Blogger Blog Is Secured As Far as Your Google Account Is Secured. You Dont Need To bother About Installing Security Widgets Like In WordPress where You Install Tons Of Security Plugins.
5. Articles Images Storage: Do You Know That All Your Blogger Article Images or Uploaded Images to Your Blogger Blog Are Stored In Picasa? Even If You Delete Your Images Or Even Your Blog, Your Article Images Will Still Be Saved.
Picasa Can Be Used As Your Image HoSting Site

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