How to monetize your mobile sites and make money

Many mobile ads companies come to mind whenever it comes to making money online with your mobile site, ads network ranging from scammers to genuine ones. But here, i’ll be posting a list of ads network with renowned reputation to help you generate revenue or monitize your wapsite. Some mobile ads network pay via paypal, webmoney, cheque, liberty reserve and lots others, therefore you have to get such accounts ready before venturing into monetizing your mobile site (wapsite).
Here is a list
1. Google Adsense : Google adsense has its mobile platform. All you need do is apply for adsense, if your site meets their specs, then you would be granted review, and after good review in 4 days, you would be accepted to publish their ads on your network and earn income. Payout is €100 and via Cheque.
2. Buzzcity : Their fill in rate is not bad and they also pay on time. I love this network because their publishers are been valued more. They only provide PHP and HTML banners. Their payout is $200 via webmoney, paypal or cheque.Let me just list out others while you carry out research on them using Google.
3.  Mojiva
4. Decktrade.
5. Inmobi
6. Admoda
7. Smaato
8. Greystripe
9. AdFonic
10. ZestAds.
Hope this was helpful. Drop your comments lets know which network you are using and which best pays you.

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