Check: 'Now he has money she's interested'- Man U striker Anthony Martial's ex-wife hits out at his new lover

Samantha Helena Jacquelinet (right), ex-wife to Man U striker Anthony Martial has hit out at the footballer's 'disgusting' new lover Melanie Da Cruz (left) after they were spotted going out together recently, claiming that Melanie's only with the £65,000 per week footballer because he's made money. She also said she won't let Melanie come near the couple's child.

Martials jilted former lover told how the love rat has left her to bring up their 14-month-old daughter Peyton alone. This comes a week after Samantha in an interview with Sun UK revealed that 20 year old Martial called her 'grandma' after he cheated on her saying she was too old fashioned and couldn't mingle and party the same way other footballers WAGs did.

Speaking about Melanie's new relationship with her ex, Samantha fumed:
I asked her to stay away from him when we were having some problems and she agreed that she would. But she wasnt true to her word. She claims its not just about sex with them its love. I will never be friends with Melanie, her behaviour has been disgusting. She knew all about me and Peyton (Their child).
"Melanie knew Anthony as they grew up in the same area of Paris but she was never interested when he was just a teenager who was good at football. Now he has money and attention she is interested. Ill never let her be a part of my little girls life.
Talking about how Martial blocked her number a day after he told her he was missing her and their little child Peyton, She said:
One day he was ­messaging that he was missing us both and the next he had blocked my number. I couldnt work out what was going on. When he came home he was really cold and said I had been getting on his nerves and he didnt want to be with me any more.
About Mel and Anthony's relationship, Sam said
"He claimed they were just friends but when I called Melanie she said she only got into ­serious relationships. I was devastated.
Martial used Melanies Snapchat account to film the pair enjoying a date, posting two short clips of her driving. Source : Sun UK

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