Check: Man declared wanted over recent Chibok girls video says he has forgiven the Nigerian Army

Ahmed Bolori who was declared wanted by the Nigerian Army after the recent release of a video showing the missing Chibok girls on August 14th, says he has forgiven the Army for their action. He went to the Army command on Monday August 15th and after investigations, he was asked to go home last week Wednesday. In a new post he shared on his facebook wall‎ this evening, Ahmed says he has forgiven the Army. Read after the cut ...

Good day all, I am here. Sorry for keeping you waiting. Thank you for your concern. I assure you that I will continue my good job of peace building and humanitarian interventions. I can remember very well that I once said 'Nelson Mandela is my brother', and many of you doubted me. To clear that, let me do as my brother Mandela did. He forgave those who (in his own case), arrested and detained him for several years. What followed? Brother Mandela forgot and forgave them. My brother was abused seriously. But because of his good heart of forgiveness and peace loving, that became a stepping stone for him and he became a global leader. Do you know that I am already taking his footsteps? Please listen to what I am about to say 'the Nigerian Army institution belongs to all of us, and nothing/no one will make us go against it as an institution. Of course, the servants who are there might be wrong and even worse. What's next? They will surely retire like Babangida, Gawon, Obasanjo and the rest did: even though they have reached its peak. Some like Ironsi, Abatcha, Murtala and so on died while serving. All of these have not and will not even in future make this institution cease to exist. The saying goes 'soldiers come, soldiers go, Barrack remains'. Amb Ahmed Umar Bolorihas forgiven the Nigerian Army members for all they have done to him. But is at the same time cautioning them to keep to ethics and professionalism. Declaring him wanted was Wrong, very wrong. Do not repeat it again! Anyway, what has happened has happened. Let's learn from our mistakes. There's nothing wrong in learning from your mistakes, you are humans. Having the skills and privilege to shoot or bomb does not make you monsters. When you do the right thing, we will applaud you, when you do the opposite, we will criticize constructively. What has happened will never stop me from loving and demanding for peace. In fact, it's an interesting experience and as well, an inspiration to do more. You declared me wanted because I called on you to utilize Barrister Aisha Wakkil's, (also known as Maman Boko Haram) relationship with her children to assist broker peace between government and them. So that we may enjoy peace. Another one was my media critism suggesting that you should try other alternatives since the military intervention seems to be taking longer time. Although we the bloody civilians (as you call us) appreciate your efforts even though we wish more... Please, always reach me when you need my service for the right thing. I have many ideas (which I shared plentiful of during my meetings with you last week). And I believe the ideas will continue to grow as I grow... And I'll always share it with you for peace to return. Finally, I will like to tell you that 'you know my house, office, you have my numbers, do not declare me wanted again. Invite me, and I will always answer and honor your invitation. Thank you!

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