Check: GLO Daily Internet Bundles

Plans in this category are the best in Nigeria at the moment. Think I’m wrong? Just see for yourself;
  1. 30MB for ₦50

Ok, Globacom is high!
Not too long ago, I was jubilating that “almighty MTN” bumped up the data allocated to their ₦100 day plan and GLO just made it seem like peanuts!
For just ₦50, you get 30MB allocated to you to surf the internet for 24hours.
This plan is just perfect for those times when you are out of airtime (and data) and really need to get something done ASAP.
To opt-in,
Dial *127*14#
Text “14” to 127
  1. 100MB for ₦100

Who remembers the time when one used to get this same amount of data for a thousand naira?
Chai! Those times were really horrible.
For ₦100, Glo gives you 100MB to browse the internet for a whole day.
To subscribe,
Dial *127*51#
Text “51” to 127
  1. 200MB for ₦200

More like an extension of the two previous plans, you can now get 200MB internet data allocated to you for just ₦200. Unlike plan 1 and 2, this one is valid for 3 good days.
To get this plan,
Dial *127*56#
Text “56” to 127

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