Check: Check out this very bizarre wedding photos where couples are packed in vacuum-tight plastic

Japanese photographer, Hal Kawaguchi has taken the art of wedding photography to another level. His method involves packing the couple in a plastic bag, sucking out all the air after which he has just four seconds to snap away before the couple suffocate.

Despite risking death if anything goes wrong, Hal has been flooded with requests from couples - and even newlyweds - for the odd portraits and wedding pictures.
He uses lube and coolant gel to slide the couples inside the bag and ensure there's no friction with the plastic then sucks out all the air using a vacuum cleaner.
"I decided to vacuum pack couples as a way to show how close and in love they are, Hall explains in an interview with MirrorUk.
At first I chat with the couples and tell them what will happen. A rehearsal is carried out without going into a bag at first. Then, they climb into the bag. It likes assembling a puzzle. I suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner until there's none left. This gives me four seconds to take the shot. In this extremely limited time I can't release the shutter more than twice. They're never in danger though as I have a rescue body guard on hand at all times.'

The couples have to hold their breath for about ten seconds or more while the process takes place.
Hal's pictures started as an art project but the craze has taken off and he now receives requests for couples who want a set of the extraordinary pictures. Newlyweds have even commissioned him to shoot their wedding pictures.
Speaking on the rationale behind the unusual art, Hal said:
"Men and women are attracted to each other and they try to become one. This fundamental desire carries an energy that affects everything in the world. I wonder what is the reason we have to make such an effort to become one. Possibly we were all originally one.With my pictures, I try to show this power of love by getting the couples as close together as possible. The less distance there is between them, the stronger the power of love. I think love is the most important thing in the earth. I think that everything positive in the world starts by focusing on love."
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