Check: Barbie-obsessed model stages nude protest outside Russian Parliament building to show her displeasure over a website design

In a bid to register her displeasure over the design of a social media site, Karina Barbie, a 27-year-old Russian model who dresses up like barbie staged a bizarre nearly naked protest outside the Russian parliament's building.

She wanted to show her displeasure with a recent redesign of VKontakte, the Russian equivalent to Facebook and for the occasion, she wore only knickers, high heels and gloves. She also sported stickers on her breasts and bum reading: "Go back to the old design!"

She said she was trying to get the government to put pressure on the social media website to reverse the changes. She explained:
"I went there naked because I wanted to get their attention on the issue. I think its terrible that they forced this change on us without asking for the opinion of users. I demand that they change it back!"

Some citizens supported her cause when a video of her bizarre protest was uploaded on the social media site she was protesting about.

St Petersburg-based VKontakte, also known as VK, claims to be Europe's largest online social networking service.
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