WhatsApp Web also soon be available for the iPhone

Whatsapp Web For Iphone Users: Recently the popular messaging WhatsApp introduced a feature that makes it possible to chat via the Chrome browser with your contacts, but remarkably enough WhatsApp Web currently only available for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S60 and Nokia S40 . Users with an iPhone to date fall by the wayside due to limitations of the operating system, however, WhatsApp Web for iOS not given at all.
use whatsapp web from iphone users
whasapp web for iphone user
WhatsApp tester Ilhan Pektas said after a meeting with the founder of service, namely that WhatsApp Web service later in a different form will also be available for iPhone users. The Service currently seems to be looking for an alternative solution to the problem.
It is still not certain how this will work in practice, but it is thought to be a single sign-on version, where the user can log in once through his Facebook account. WhatsApp is however worried that such a log-in method for unrest going concerns among users, especially as the service after the acquisition by Facebook promised to put the privacy of its users are not at stake.
To use Web WhatsApp on your iPhone will this solution firstly must be in possession of a Facebook account. In addition, the mobile phone number must be entered so WhatsApp Web can see when logging in who you are and what messages should be displayed. It’s a lot more cumbersome compared to eg Android smartphones.
If you are in possession of an Android smartphone, you only in the Chrome browser only have the WhatsApp Web site visit and scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone. After verifying your account is displayed in your browser and lets you chat with all your contacts.
When Web WhatsApp for iPhone will be available at time of writing still unclear.

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