Play Candy Crush Saga Game Best Cheats & Hacks

In this article, we present to you a trick for the iPhone game Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Saga for iPhone is one of the most popular and most played free iPhone games. However, you can not play the game without any restrictions, as there is life and time constraints. Either one must therefore, for example, with the help of Facebook friends gather new life, or you have to wait until enough time has charged again. A third alternative is to acquire paid upgrades that you get faster progress in the game. We show you a free Candy Crush Saga Cheat we on the side Cryptic hacks found with which you can hack the game and so infinite life and also get Level 335 closes with 3 stars.
  1. Candy Crush Saga install app, but not open
  2. iFunBox download & install on the PC:
  3. Download The Game edited file:
  4. Start iFunBox and connect the iPhone via USB
  5. Click the iPhone in iFunBox and then click on “Applications”
  6. Click on “Candy Crush Saga”
  7. Click “Douments”
  8. Drag and drop the edited file to the game
    And overwrite the original file
  9. A couple of times “Refresh” button and Candy
  10. Crush Saga Open on iPhone

Candy Crush Saga game tricks 2015 Walk-through Videos

If you do not dare to override the game file that you can find on YouTube, numerous videos about Candy Crush Saga. So there are for each level on YouTube a video with the solution for Candy Crush Saga. Just search for “Candy Crush” followed by the level number search eg “Candy Crush Level 182”.

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