Make Your Android Phone Battery Power the last longer

Each year, manufacturers of smartphones and tablets introduced developments in this regard. With each new generation, the batteries of our smartphones are larger capacity, performance increases chargers and charging software resource consumption is reduced. However, it also increases the consumption of the display and other components, which is why many users have difficulty filling their days with the autonomy of the device.
how to save android battery
Android Battery Saver
As for the mobile operating system from Google, Android in Google Play Store we can find hundreds of applications that promise to optimize battery consumption on our smartphone or tablet and yet, far from fulfilling this task assume a greater burden our processor, so eventually the energy ends up being greater and, therefore, we find a significant reduction of autonomy. Now this does not mean that there are ways to save battery on our Android devices, but are not as “magical” as they would have us believe.
First, if we are considering save battery on your mobile device or optimize the use of it, we must first consider how far we want to go in this respect and, obviously, how far reaching our knowledge. And we can go two ways, the first of them opt for the “basic” or do root to our terminal and achieve maximum battery saving, as well as techniques more control over advanced settings of our team .
how to save android phone battery power for long time
Android Mobile Battery Status

Save battery on your Android without root

If not rooteas your smart phone or tablet, fewer options you have at your fingertips, but still many changes you can make to your configuration to squeeze more battery. First, you should start with the settings of the equipment itself, and on them can make the following changes:
  1. Bluetooth: Disable Bluetooth connectivity when you’re not using (Settings> Bluetooth).
  2. WiFi: WiFi connectivity Turns off when not’re using (Settings> Wifi). WiFi automatically disables sleep mode, or only when connected to the charger (Settings> WiFi> WiFi in sleep mode).
  3. 3G and 4G: 4G LTE connectivity Use only when necessary (Settings> Mobile Network> Only GSM / WCDMA and GSM). In low coverage areas 4G / 3G save battery avoiding the constantly changing network.
  4. Wallpaper: The display consumes less energy with dark images and black backgrounds.
  5. Brightness: Reduce the brightness of the screen and disables the “Auto Brightness” to save the consumption of sensor lighting (Settings> Display> Brightness).
  6. Energy saving: When battery is low, active saving battery mode (Settings> Battery> Power saver).
The above are some aspects that in almost any Android device, you can configure at will to try to maximize the life of our battery between charging cycles. Now, even if you have a rooted device, you can take this optimization well beyond thanks to a particular application, on which we explain how to use, but first must understand a concept: “deep sleep”.
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Android Mobile Battery Power Saver

Deep Sleep: What is it and how does the battery last much more

Applications that our smartphone or tablet “open” in the language of the device are “processes”. These processes are, for us, the thought regarding the action, while what we see is the open application, ie, the action itself. Although we are not running the action, we can be thinking about it, then we will be consuming energy. The processor of your terminal -together with the RAM-memory acts very similarly, and if we do not allow you to stop thinking about that action will be consuming the battery so completely unnecessary.
When the processor and memory set aside that “thinking” is when the device enters sleep mode “deep sleep” – deep sleep . in English, which is when the battery consumption is actually reduced What applications may not permit entry to the team in deep sleep? Normally, including notification system “push”, ie mainly IM services, although there are many others.
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Greenify Battery Saver App

Greenify probably the best application to save battery life on Android

Previously you could only use this application if we had rooted the team, but for several months may benefit from its possibilities without it. Greenify, so the above explanation, is charged with breaking into applications and processes in “sleep” mode, thus allowing the computer into “deep sleep” and to minimize power consumption when we the lock screen.
Well simple. This application automatically detects which applications do not allow the computer to enter deep sleep are. After this “analysis” shows us the results and we manually, you can select what we want to be forced to hibernate. We can not put all into hibernation, because if we did -for example- with WhatsApp, cease to receive notification while the screen off.
tricks to save android powe
Root android Mobile to save more battery power

Are you root? So you can keep saving battery to extreme

Here is where you really find the difference. Root users can take advantage of all the tips above, but also have another world ahead to optimize energy consumption on mobile devices. Not enough to be root, but this is only the first step to enter the world of the “scene”, where we have available hundreds of amendments on, ROMs, kernels and other aspects that “fiddling” system. But go slowly, to understand everything perfectly.

What is a “ROM” and why you should change your Android

Although your phone comes with a preinstalled software, which provides your manufacturer, behind Android is a large community of developers who are dedicated to creating alternative firmware to the original, much more “open”, “free” and near real origin of Android : AOSP. If we install on our device a ‘custom ROM “that can find on the XDA forum , we open ourselves to the possibility of also modify the kernel team, and therefore change the parameters of configuration of the processor, GPU and more. In short, it allows to further adjust power consumption.
top recommend ways to save battery
Battery Saving tips

Faster ignition, minimum use with the screen locked

No-frills CPU Control is one of the many applications that allow us to overclock and undervolting, but not the only one. When you install an alternate kernel, the developer app itself suggests what used to configure these parameters, as is the clock speed of the processor, among others. Once we have a “custom kernel” and installed an application of this type, we can only make use of it using common sense:
Maximum processor frequency: The power of smartphones and tablets is increasing, and it is obvious that not all the time we need to work at full capacity. Therefore, we can set the maximum frequency in your “real peak” or reduce it slightly so that energy consumption is lower. Now if we overdo we can have a nice result and continuous lag. Moreover, the discerning can activate the “overclock”, ie force the CPU to function beyond the standard configuration.
Minimum processor frequency: The lower the minimum, lower consumption when we have the screen off. Now, the same thing happens with the maximum frequency, and that is if we overdo we will find that we do not get push notifications or terminal response to the intention of unlocking is slow and clumsy.
Gobernor: This option determines how variations occur in the processor frequency, ie how it behaves between the values ​​marked as “high frequency” and “low frequency”. A really interesting to conserve battery option is “ondemand” which will manage the processor clock frequency depending on the load to which the device is subjected. Thus, with the screen off work to a minimum, and if we are with the computer on, but without executing anything. By cons, if you load a game with high demands, the processor will operate at peak performance automatically. So we avoid high consumption when not needed.
GPU Undervolting : Basically, is to reduce the operating voltage of the equipment components. It is a really sensitive issue and if you do not have expertise in such matters, you better not touch anything, because a minimum failure could lead to the deterioration of your device. And, in addition, each terminal supports many different changes, so it is enough to explain that the option exists, and that its use to those who know what to do here is recommended.

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