Geometry Dash 2.1 New Version Download apk of Geometry dash 2.1

Geometry Dash 2.1 Download

Geometry Dash 2.1 is a game that was developed for android. This game is totally based on music i.e., it is a rhythm-based running game.  Geometry dash 2.1 is a super fun entertaining game with excellent music in the background.  There are 20 levels in the game.  With every passing level the music changes.  Geometry dash will level you amazed with its fast pacing game plan.  You need to perform actions like jump, fly, and flip your way through dangerous passages and obstacles to promote to the next level.  Its simple one touch game play with series of 20 levels sticks you to your mobile for hours.

All about Geometry Dash 2.1 Version Download

There are previous versions of this Geometry dash 2.1, which were quite a hit and now the updated version 2.1 is ruling the gamer’s hearts with its excellent features.  There were few bug fixes performed that were seen in its previous version.  New levels were introduced in 2.1 with unique sound tracks for each level.
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With each level of completion, the player will be rewarded with three secret coins.  10 secret coins unlock Club step, 20 unlock Theory of Everything 2, and 30 unlock Deadlocked.  The stars represent the hardness of the game and the number of stars that the player gets by the end of the level.  There are two levels custom and official levels.  Official levels give more stars than customs levels. geometry dash

Geometry Dash 2.1 full download Updates and features of Geometry dash 2.1

  • There were few updates that were made to the geometry dash 2.1 game.
  • Another bounce ring was included and another hostile to cheat framework that will take out that stars that the player earned when the player uses hacks.
  • There is a tune that is simply like a geometrical deliminator.
  • The first teaser after the redesign was released, which demonstrates another four legged game mode.  This mode may an energized mode after robot.
  • As the locations that the player passes are designed very colorful in the game, the new pictures which were released thorough twitter shows use of multiple colors and shadings.
  • Geometry Dash 2.1 apk is now downloaded and is available for all mobile platforms and also to your PC.
  • As this game consists of 20 levels each level is highlighted with its unique background music.
  • Another feature of the game that was updated is level editor that allows the players to customize levels to play as per their wish.  Map packs are also available.
  • One touch on the screen is enough to move and face all the obstacles that come in the way.
  • As the player continuously runs a touch on the screen makes the character jump.  The player can control the speed of the character.  The character has to escape from all the obstacles and once he fails to do the level again starts from the beginning.
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After the release of Geometry Dash 2.0 a few weeks ago and improved some bugs in version 2.01, we have closer the new version 2.1 that insurance will provide many more hours of fun. For now we can say that will include new levels and new robots, like Spider robot already know for sure all fans of the game.
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They are saying many things, among them that perhaps this new spider robot can climb walls and thus give Geometry Dash 2.1 many more possibilities and options to play vertically, but for now is a mystery.
Apart from this new robot, is also working on new levels, which so far little can be said, the only thing that is certain is that at the moment what is known is that Geometry Dash 2.1 will be a major upgrade, since it is putting a lot of effort and effort into creating new content that appeal to all users and players. We are also working hard to launch the new update as soon as possible, because the community of followers are wanting new official content, although we know that the same community and followers of the game can create their own levels and share, providing Geometry Dash 2.1 to an infinite fun.
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Another thing they say is whether this next release 2.1 contrails customization robots will beadle to change the color, in this respect we are left to wait, maybe if you can so we can give our robot more variety of customization, which always like every player. In fact, what if you can say is that Geometry Dash 2.1 promises and is going strong, new emotions and fun are getting closer, and certainly when we least expect it and we can play all this great content and plenty of news but they have not been released.
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As we give more news on the go version 2.1 giving, go to practice because the new levels will not be easy!

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