Best media centre: Plex

This is a bit of an unusual pick, perhaps, but we've found no media front-end we like more than the browser-based Plex. Providing you have a machine powerful enough to handle its transcoding features, it's the absolute best way to stream your entire media library to all of the devices around your home – tablets, computers, games consoles – regardless of screen size.
You can even use Plex to stream your media library over the web, giving you access on mobile devices wherever you are – transcoded down appropriately, you can watch and listen over 4G without hammering your data cap too severely.
Perhaps Plex's best feature is the ability to appropriately present your (legitimately obtained) media utilising a number of sources around the web, with episode guides, artwork and more automatically imported. If you're looking for a one-machine media centre, it's worth considering Kodi, which can run on the cheap-as-chips Raspberry Pi – but if you have processing power to spare, don't overlook Plex.

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