Read: ‘Nigeria needs VoLTE to improve voice service’

The introduction of Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) services in the country is expected to give Nigerians the best of speed in voice and data connectivity and also offer voice clarity and call reliability.
This was the view of the Chief Executive Officer of Smile Communications Limited, Michiel Buitelaar, in Lagos, recently.
As such, Buitelaar said Smile Communications is keen at making another impressive mark with voice as a new complement to the entire package, which it has for the rapidly growing Nigerian market.
“We are a bit more advanced in our operations than a good number of our competitors in all the market segments. The market is moving much faster in the broadband direction and we want Nigerians to embrace the broadband as the place to be. There are a lot of quality issues in the Nigerian market and there are a lot of opportunities for those that provide real quality, like breaking one’s call and getting immediate value from the network. The quality of our voice will definitely beat the existing benchmark in the Nigerian market,” he said.
According to him, the major focus of his company is to continue to function as a broadband provider of choice that can take people away from low speed and low-quality service in a new world that craves for speed. He said the issue of quality must be uppermost in the company’s strategic plans because of the fact that there are lots of small trading outfits in Nigeria that desire very fast ways of getting to their clients before others.
He explained that the provision of huge digital speed could offer his company the leeway and the added leverage to reach their destination where people can enjoy data speed and talk with voice clarity and confidence.

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