Know: Intel drives new computer, Internet adoption

Intel Corporation. Photo; topics.nytimes
Intel Corporation. Photo; topics.nytimes
To further drive the adoption of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Nigeria, Intel Corporation has announced an initiative that will see it educate and provide more accessible and affordable technological solutions to Nigerians.
To achieve this objective, Intel would work closely with Airtel, Diamond bank, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Tecno, RLG, and Zinox. This was disclosed by Country Manager, Intel Corporation Nigeria, Olubunmi Ekundare in Lagos at a press conference.
Speaking more on the initiative, Intel’s Regional Director for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META), Cigdem Ertem, while highlighting the benefits of PC adoption in growing the economy, quoting; a new study from Capital One Financial corp. and Burning Glass Technologies, said, “digital and computer skills have become essential for nearly 80 per cent of middle-skill jobs. The study found that middle-skill jobs that require digital expertise have been growing on at a faster rate than those that do not. They also, on average, offer wages that are 18 per cent higher.’’
He stated that the programme will further help bridge the gap in innovation and entrepreneurship which in turn fosters diversification.
According to her, This is the prerogative of Intel leading the Nigerian computer industry and ecosystem to drive this computer adoption program, “At Intel, we are committed to enriching lives through technology but most importantly empowerment through programs that are aimed at equipping people with the right technology skills sets. The joint PC adoption initiative is one of the ways we will urge consumers to pursue their passions and creativity using the latest PC devices powered by Intel processor.
“For every #1 invested in employability skills, 10ce more can be generated to drive economic growth and national competitiveness.’’ Thus, the government must help equip the workforce with skills required and support the development of innovative leaders and business in the new knowledge economy for the nation to be globally competitive, Cigdem said.

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