Know: ‘How Al-Quran offers efficacious remedies to global crises’

al-quranAs the inimitable words of Allah for the guidance of humanity, scholars have reiterated the efficacy of Quranic solutions to all challenges facing the world today. They therefore urged Muslims to give priority to the knowledge of Al-Quran and Islamic teachings generally. This, according to them, would ensure proper upbringing of the younger ones and guarantee better future for the upcoming generation.
An Islamic philanthropist, Alhaji Jamiu Jimoh Afolabi Ekungba, among the speakers at the second Waleemotul Quran Ceremony of Hadeeqatus Su’adaai Islamic Centre (HASIC) in Akeredolu, Olambe, Akute area of Ogun State last weekend, decried the spate of corruption in the country and recommended embracing the teachings of Holy Quran as the ultimate solution.
Ekungba, who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Gold & Apple Direct Limited and Chairman, Board of Trustees of The Companion, applauded the President Mohammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign, adding that it would enhance the future of Nigeria.
The Guest Speaker at the ceremony, Luqman Ahmad, emphasized the supremacy of holy Quran, noting that the Sharia Law as established by Islam would eradicate corruption, which the inadequacies of the Common Law failed to achieve.
Ahmad proclaimed that Islam is against terrorism and completely forsake the actions of the Boko Haram sect.
Describing the current situation as a sign of end time, he said Al-Quran is the perfect guidance and antidote to every ailment.
He therefore enjoined Muslims to study Al-Quran and always comply with the injunctions of Allah (SWT) contained therein.
According to him, the holy Prophet had laid good foundation for Muslims and emulating him guarantees happy living in this world and attainment of bliss in the Hereafter.
Ahmad, a legal practitioner with L.J. Ahmad and Co. said before the light of Al-Quran could shine upon an individual, such person must seek knowledge and never be ignorant.
The ceremony was the celebration of standard recitation of the Holy Quran by ten graduands. They are Ramadan Abdulfattah Adetona; Idris Shittu; Abdulwaliyy Salih Olatunji; Abdulwasiu Olatunji; Barakah Sulaimon; Aishah Abdulkabir; Nofisat Jimoh; Waliyat Sulaimon; Hameedah Abdus Salam; and Ni’matullah Adeola Bello.
The Chairman, Governing Council, HASIC, Alhaji Abdur Rahmon Bello Olaakewu, enjoined Muslims to endeavor to showcase the beauty of Islam in their daily endeavours, noting that Islam is a religion of peace that embraces all human races.
He stressed the need for parents to equip their children with the Quranic knowledge, which is among the fundamental duties of a good Muslim parent.

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