Who is afraid of Buhari and Tinubu?

Buhari and TinubuSIR: So much has been said and written about Sir Ahmadu Bello and Chief Obafemi Awolowo. These two were great men who led their people with vision. The north is yet to have the good old days directed by the Sardauna and the West still basks in the euphoria of Awolowo’s state policy in education and the economy. Awolowo’s numerous books on national statehood are in the public domain. It says a lot about him, and his pristine principles.
Had these two ruled further and lived longer, they might have been celebrated, truly so, for their unswerving fountain of knowledge and greatness needed for the country’s growth. As great as these leviathans were, however, they didn’t see eye-to-eye on national policies, each asked their supporters to “watch my six” as they say in the military. It might have been better if the supporters had ‘watched the six’ of the nation as opposed to the region.
Little wonder the Sardauna chose to remain a premier instead of prime minister, ostensibly to avoid moving to Lagos and running affairs of the country from the west. Little wonder Awolowo only traveled to the north a handful of times.
The prevailing reality in Nigeria today is that there are few heroes and heroines. True heroes exhibit commitment to a cause, goal, an idea, that is accepted by those who celebrate the hero as worthy. Often, however, the yardstick for determining heroes is not clear, and jingoists have cashed in on this to deceitfully robe contenders on ethnic or regional basis, and so a Buhari and Tinubu may be heroes to many and villains to others. “One man’s hero” it is said, “may be another man’s villain.”
Heroism, ordinarily, is “as a function of deeds, it also relates to time and space”
Why should anyone be afraid of Buhari and Tinubu? These two, even though have not established universities, and written tonnes of books like Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Sir Ahmadu Bello to many are greater than them for the reason that they have been able to unite the north and west in ways that those luminaries could only have imagined.
“Sai Ahmadu” in the west would have only happened in fantasy island, for it was not a novelty in the west then like “sai Buhari” as we heard during the last general elections.
Buhari and Tinubu showed statesmanship by rallying the national troops for national growth, forgetting the age-old chasm that had been created regionally. Authentic heroes pursue a cause which must gladden the hearts of all. Heroes act out heroic script without fail.
*Simon Abah,

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