Ten reasons why people love social media apps

PHOTO: growingsocialmedia
PHOTO: growingsocialmedia
While technology continues to shrink the whole world, making it a global village, the influence of social media on people is very clear.
Given the level of interaction in the social media among people, the question is no more how many people use social media but why.
Apparently, most of us use social to stay in touch with pals and keep up with the happenings in our world. Others simply market their business through social platforms. But really, why is everyone so hooked on Facebook, Whatsapp, Palmchat, Twitter or any other social app out there?
When you’re an entrepreneur and you have a product to sell, do well to get on social media. Good marketers have proven that conversation on social apps can truly drive business if you’re saying the right thing at the right time.
For instance, Palmchat 5.1.4 have enterprise handles were e-commerce stores like Konga.com, Goal.com and Jumia.com can interact with their customers to drive business and strengthen customer loyalty.
Social apps are just getting more and more immersive: from video calls to voice calls, GIFs, voice recording and all sorts of contents. Social messaging apps are not just driving conversations, they are creating conversations so people now have perfect cure for their bored moments and wait-in-the-lobby scenarios playing with social apps.
Social interaction 
Social media allow people to be very social. Think about it, can you count how many people your first conversation with them was on Facebook messenger or Whatsapp, BBM or even Palmchat? The truth is, more young people talk freely and with a lot more confidence when they are on social media and they connect with each other faster too.
Take for instance, the latest Palmchat 5.1.4 has a feature called “Shake shake” which allows the user to connect to a new friend almost instantly when he/ she shakes their smart phone. That is, for every ‘shake’ of your smart phone, you get a new friend- and young people are loving this app!
Social media makes reading fun. Research has even proven that more people tend to read better when you put content behind a smart phone or tablet screen. If you don’t believe, try it out on your 5-year-old at home.
Online dating
However, if there is one thing social media is teaching us these days it is how to find the right lover. Social apps like Whatsapp and BBM are match making more people these days than ever before. The reason is simple. A lot people are open to new ways of hooking up, and to share your heart in a virtual space seems a less scary way to start a love journey.
If you may recollect the number of kiss bubbles you have blown to a friend or even total ‘cool’ stranger over a social app, I bet you’ve share more kisses online than you’ve actually gotten in real life.
Community life
Nobody is an island. This is no truer than now than before; stats show that about 90% of smart phone users are either on Whatsapp, Instagram, BBM or Palmchat. For instance, the latest Palmchat 5.1.4 has chat rooms tailored into interest groups such as: romance, sports, dating even enterprise handles for e-commerce stores like JUMIA and KONGA. So users can naturally join conversations they feel matters to them.
Information is more fun on social media especially if you can make a viral video out of like.
Local content
Social messaging apps give users freedom to create their own content and share it with people in their network. For instance, users can share voice recording on Whatsapp with other users in their community and BBM allows users to make video calls with each other.
The latest Palmchat 5.1.4 makes emojis a lot more original and close home by stocking smileys tailor-made for the African market!
Instant messaging
This may seem cliché now, but instant messaging is really fundamental to the success of social apps-these apps just deliver simple information instantly and people want that.
Stalk others
 People can be nosey and yes, a lot of these nosey folks are taking their trade online too but the good thing is that most social apps give the user freedom to block out stalkers and busybodies or at least ‘Mute’ their conversation.

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