Look at: Microsoft Lumia 950 threatens PC growth

Lumia-950For phone lovers and techies, Lumia 950 is the new flagship smartphone for Windows from the stable of device giant, Microsoft. The phone, which demonstrates class and dexterity, is in the range of the iPhones, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S6, among others.
The uniqueness of Lumia 950, apart from the dual SIM advantage, the phone has enormous capability to displace the PC. With the continuum, display dock, users can have the fullest PC-like experience, which connects the phone to a display via HDMI. The Lumia 950 can be summed up in a word, which is being plain. The front is almost entirely featureless with a Microsoft logo the main element.
Lumia 950 design
What the Lumia 950 provides is a plastic removable rear cover and completely flat glass. Microsoft has even stopped doing brightly coloured models. The overall feel is distinctly mid-range but exciting, depending on the users preference. It has a weight of 150g and 8.2mm profile.
Hardware, specs and performance
The best Windows Phone devices could offer previously was Full HD in the screen department but Microsoft has stepped things up a notch with the Lumia 950 to Quad HD. A resolution of 2560x1440on a 5.2in display means a pixel density of 564ppi.
As with previous Lumias, the screen is high quality with great colour reproduction and excellent contrast thanks to the AMOLED ClearBlack panel.
Battery Life
Battery Life Battery life of a smartphone can be critical for customers who want to purchase a new mobile phone. The Microsoft Lumia 950 comes with a big battery that offers long usage time. The device is packed in a big 3.340-mAh battery, which is one of the biggest batteries found in well-known phones.
Camera And Microsoft’s PureView technology is built into this device, boasting a 20MP sensor and triple LED natural flash. The camera captures the perfect image, even in the most challenging conditions, and those photos can be automatically synced across all Windows 10 devices with the Windows Photo app and shared easily with friends and family.
Continuum, Windows Hello and Universal Apps show Lumia 950’s strength
Continuum is one of the main features here and it sounds odd but is basically the way that Windows 10 makes the most of what ever display it is on. Microsoft is pushing the ability of the Lumia 950 to be used with a monitor.
The take away
Loyal Windows phone users will appreciate features like Universal Apps and while Continuum appears to be a real wow features, it requires a lot of extra equipment. The Lumia 950 itself offers some decent hardware, namely the screen, inside an inspiring design.

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