Look at: MainOne alerts sector on new technologies

ICTMAINONE Cables has challenged players in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector of the Nigerian economy on the need to adopt new technologies for improved productivity.
Speaking in Lagos, at the ‘Nerd Unite’ conference and exhibition, organised by MainOne, in collaboration with Schneider, Microsoft and Cisco, MainOne Chief Executive Officer, Funke Opeke, said that the adoption of new technologies would allow the IT specialists’ businesses to participate in the rapidly changing world.
According to her, IT professional who failed to adopt evolving technologies will limit their ability to participate fully in the benefits of such technology.
The IT space is highly competitive and the early adopters and pioneers benefit the most from new technologies,’’ she said.
Opeke said that new technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, social media were revolutionising the world and needed to be embraced by Nigerian businesses.
She said that everything would be connected to the network, causing exponential network growth.According to her, enterprises need to be prepared for the privacy and security concerns the growth will pose.
She said that according to report, the amount of internet-connected things will reach 50 billion by 2020 and wearable technology ownership doubled in 2015, increasing from seven per cent in 2014 to 14 per cent by 2015.
Opeke said that when MainOne started in 2010, its mission was to build the digital divide between Nigeria and other countries.
She added that the company had been busy building its networks, to bring new technologies to customers, so as to achieve the mission.
According to her, the aim of ‘Nerd Unite’ was to bring the company’s customers, who are IT specialists together to learn about new innovations.
She said that though many technology companies in Nigeria have IT specialists manning their security, database and other tech-enhanced processes, that those specialists rarely attended events.
MainOne is convening ‘Nerds Unite’ with the aim of bringing together technology specialists for an impactful technical knowledge sharing.
It will also create an avenue for social networking. It is an avenue to bring together IT specialists, mid-level IT managers, system administrators and IT enthusiasts.
The idea is to create an avenue where they can come together and get knowledge on technology trends happening around the world, how these trends can help them to be more productive.
They will gain knowledge they can take back to their various organisations to make more impact,’’ the CEO said.She said that the first edition was held in 2013 and this was the second edition, as the company hoped to make it a yearly programme.
Opeke said that this year’s edition would focus on network security, cloud services and data center services and IT specialists would be shown how to save cost and provide business continuity solutions

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