Escape Room Nigeria debuts first live escape games

Escape Room

Escape Room
Escape Room has perfected plans to bring first escape live games to Nigeria. The games are expected to be opened to public on March 12.

Escape games originated from adventure computer games in the 1980’s. These games have now been made real; group of people are trapped in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve puzzles, mysteries, find clues and escape the room.
It is the most entertaining interactive game now and it’s steadily growing in popularity around the world.
The Serial Killer game will put you and your teams tactical, logical and team playing abilities to the test. Enter a world where the game comes to life, where time is against you and all your senses will need to be alert.
To master the different challenges of the Serial Killer adventure and get to the finish, you will have to use all your powers of observation, combination skills, lateral thinking and most importantly; you will have to work as a team.
Be creative, solve the riddles and shine with your ingenious idea; that’s how to accomplish your mission in 60 minutes!

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