Native doctor kills two brothers seeking bullet-proof protection

HerbalistA NATIVE doctor in Kogi State has butchered his own customers and close acquaintances for years. Mallam Ibrahim Muhammed Dabasabe, who also claimed to be a Muslim cleric, discreetly murdered two brothers, Tanko Abubakar and Muhammed Kudu Abubakar, who both came for spiritual guidance. The two brothers from Niger State were killed by their host and their bodies buried behind Dabasabe compound.
They had visited based on their familiarity with the herbalist when he lived in their family house in Bida some years back. Though not the first time the brothers would be visiting, they had come to complain that the last consultation, which was a charm to make someone impervious to bullets and gunshots, had failed.
But they met their death after Dabasabe gave them poison, which he told the brothers would make the bulletproof charm effective. The concoction had an immediate effect on the brothers, who began to writhe in pain. When death delayed in coming, the native doctor hastened it by using a pestle to smash their skull after which he buried them in his compound.
Confessing to the murder, Dabasabe said he was confused on what next to do after collecting huge sums of money for the native bulletproof protection. “So, I decided to poison the two and used pestle to break their heads when the poison did not kill them instantly.”

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