[HOW TO][GUIDE][MOD] Change Package Names of APKs

I’ve Seen A Lot of People around Here and Other Forums who wants to know how to change the Package Name of Android Apps
(Ex. com.xvipre.settings to com.modded.app)
But some of them can’t really do it because of proper Programming Skills and Development Knowledge!

So today I will show you how to do it! Without Programming Skills or Extra Development!

Caution: Only use this if the App is Open-Source and ask for Developer Rights before doing this!
I and XDA do not support Piracy! So don’t try to ruin Humanity by doing Piracy of Apps!

So This shall be Only Used for Learning and Development Purposes!

· A Brain
· Apktool
· An APK to Work With!
· PC/Android Device
· DroidEdit/Notepad++
· A Little Knowledge in DroidEdit or Notepad++

Now Let’s Start—

At First Decompile your APK using a Suitable and comfortable apktool. Use Apk-Multitool/Virtuous or other Tools.
As you can see there are 2 files and 2 Folders inside Decompiled XVipreSetting.apk Folder.
└── XVipreSettings.apk
├── AndroidManifest.xml
├── apktool.yml
├── res
└── smali
Lets assume that our APK Information is like this—
APK Name: XVipreSettings.apk
APK Package Name: com.xvipre.settings
We’ll Change it to the following—
APK Name: ModdedApp.apk
APK Package Name: com.modded.app
Before you begin, Let me tell you that all the modification done in this Project are Imaginary!
You have to assume that the package is com.xvipre.settings but actually it’s different for each app in the world! So you must know about what you are going to do, and what all these means!
It’s just an example! You have to use your app’s package and your desired app package name! Or Else it won’t Work at all!
Now Open apktool.yml and Search for these lines--
apkFileName: XVipreSettings.apk
  cur_package: com.xvipre.settings
  orig_package: com.xvipre.settings

Now Edit the Package Name and APK Name as You Desire—
For Example:
apkFileName: ModdedApp.apk
  cur_package: com.modded.app
  orig_package: com.modded.app

Save the File and Close apktool.yml
Now Open AndroidManifest.xml and Look for these lines—

Now Edit the Package name here—
For Example:

Save and Exit.

Now Navigate to /smali/com/xvipre and Do the Following
· Rename settings to app

· Go Back to /smali/com Folder and Rename xvipre to modded

Now It’s Time to Go Hardcore!!
Open Notepad++ And Press Ctrl+F to Open “Find”
Click on Find in Files
Now in Directory, Click on “Browse” or “…”

Now Navigate to your Working Folder and Select /smali/

Now Click on Find What: and Type Your Package Name! But Like This—
Click on Replace With: and Type Your Desired Package name—
For Example:
Click on Replace in Files

Now It Shall take up to 1-2 Minutes to Find and Replace all the package names in smalis!

When Done, Just Re-Check All the Files, Folder Names, Recheck AndroidManifest.xml to Find Another Line with Package name And Make Corrections Yourself!
Done for Now! Just Re-Compile and *SIGN* your Newly Created APK!!
Install the APK as User App! See if it Worked! 
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Comment if this guide has mistakes or I said anything Wrong, About Errors or Suggestions!

Written by Xtreme Ornob
Official Developer of XVipre ™

Thanks to
Google Inc.
Mushfiqus Salehin (For giving me the Title of “Debeloper Sab” in Bangladeshi Groups)
Everyone Hail to Sadia Afrin Rumu for Teaching me the Usage of Android And Facebook Groups.

She’s an idol to me as she made me realize that I am a “Dim” and also a “Choto Pola”

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