EFCC recovering billions of naira for govt, says Magu

Ibrahim-Magu-efccActing Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, has said the anti-graft agency is recovering stolen funds in billions of naira for the government.
He described lawyers as the main challenge of the agency in its efforts to timely prosecute corruption cases.
Magu, who made the remarks in Abuja yesterday while addressing a group of Civil Society Organisations, added however that the commission cannot be deterred in its efforts to ensure that justice is obtained for the Nigerian people in the fight against corruption.
“One of the big challenges we have in the effective prosecution of the war on corruption is that of very senior lawyers to whom Nigeria has been very kind: They went to good schools here, when Nigeria was good, many of them, on government scholarship; to them Nigeria has given so much opportunity. When we have corruption cases, cases of people who have stolen food from the mouths of our children; when we have cases of people who have stolen money meant to build hospitals and buy drugs; when we have cases of people who have stolen all the money meant to buy guns for our soldiers to fight Boko Haram, when we have all these cases of wicked people who have stolen Nigeria’s money, they run to these same senior lawyers, give them part of the stolen money and mobilise them to fight us, to delay us in court and to deny Nigerians of justice. These are the people who do not want justice for the common man”.
“The other day, 34 Senior Advocates of Nigeria fought against only one small EFCC lawyer and he defeated them all.

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