‘Cloud enables 92% of organisations to innovate faster’

A NEW research by Oracle has revealed that more than 90 per cent of enterprises believed the cloud enables them to innovate faster.
The study, conducted by IDG Connect on behalf of Oracle, finds that half (51 per cent) of businesses will have reached cloud maturity within two years, while the concerns and considerations around moving to the cloud have evolved.
For hybrid cloud adoptions, traditional barriers, such as concerns over security, are being displaced by operational concerns such as managing multiple IT architectures and network bandwidth. Those building private cloud infrastructures continue to see security as the prime concern.
According to Oracle, respondents also cited “winning the support of key business decision-makers” as the most important building block of successful private and hybrid cloud infrastructures, suggesting that influence on cloud deployments extends beyond IT into broader business functions. These figures suggest that the Chief Information Officer’s role is more important than ever in coordinating multiple architectures and effectively communicating the benefits of cloud deployments to the wider business.
Other findings in the report included, 92 per cent of respondents say that the cloud enables them to innovate faster; 73 per cent said it helps to retain existing customers; and 76 per cent said it helps them to win new customers
One-in-five businesses (19 per cent) have reached ‘cloud maturity’, with more than half (51 per cent) saying that they will reach maturity within two years.
Respondents identified the most important building blocks for successful hybrid cloud deployments as winning the support of key business decision-makers (29 per cent), cost efficiency (25 per cent) and building a strong relationship with a supplier (22 per cent)
The biggest barriers to hybrid cloud adoption are managing multiple IT architectures (60 per cent), network bandwidth (57 per cent) and relationship with IT supplier (52 per cent).
Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Systems in EMEA, Johan Doruiter, commented: “As cloud rapidly reaches maturity, we are seeing a shift in how enterprises perceive the chief benefits and barriers to adoption. Traditional areas of high concern such as data security and reliability are moving down the list and these are actually cited as key benefits of cloud adoption by most enterprises.
“These traditional concerns have been replaced by the operational worries, including how to manage multiple IT architectures and ensuring networks have sufficient bandwidth.
For enterprises that are reaching maturity with their cloud deployments.”

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