10 best Online Payment Gateway Platform in Nigeria & their Setup Fees

It is not a game-saying that different online payment conveniences have come to stay in Nigeria. I have written an article on the top 20 Online Payment Processor in Nigeria, today I will narrow it down to the top 10 best Nigeria online payment gateway platforms.
Just few days ago, a client from UK called me on phone requesting to know the best online payment platform in Nigeria that he could integrate on his e-commerce website. Here are the best payment gateway options I gave him.
I have careful reviewed these payment gateway again and again. After my assessment, I came out with the 10 best. My assessments and reviews are based on;
Easy integration work flow and documentation, Fast responding and Technical support, Usage, Setup convenience and setbacks, Setup charges and fees, Vulnerability.
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Without wasting time, here is  list of 10 best Online Payment Gateway Platform in Nigeria and  their Setup  charges.  Again, try to consider these factors;
a. easy integration work flow and documentation,
b. fast responding and technical support,
c. usage, setup convenience and setbacks,
d. setup charges and vulnerability before you choose online payment gateway to be integrated on your site.
On the first Position on this list is Gtbank Gtpay
GTPay is online payment processor platform offered by Guaranty Trust BankPlc which customers can integrate on their e-commerce website to allow them accept payments online. This platform support Nigerian Cards such Visa, MasterCard and Interswitch. GTBank has significantly upgraded their interface and coding.
• Easy integration work flow and documentation
The platforms now have a better integration work flow, and codes are simplified for developers. GTBank is a certified developer partner; hence GTPAY Integration for merchants’ fee is waived. Their customers get a waiver for integration – reduced sign-on fee. GTPay integration documents and coding has been upgraded to make it easier for integrators to understand.
• Fast responding and Technical support
GTBank has a dedicated responsive and technical support team to attend to your issues timely. Emails are responded timely after sent.
• Usage
GTPay payment gateway is one of the most widely used online payment processor on many Nigerian websites. It supports Visa, MasterCard and Interswitch. GTPay payment gateway also supports international cards (Visa and MasterCard).
• Setup convenience and setbacks
The time frame for integration to go live is quite long. Customer has to apply through GTBank to Interswitch, before test ID will be created. After which, TEST integration document and link will be sent to customer with long checklist of requirements. Customer will integrate, and send the checklist to GTBank for verification, then send to Interswitch to set their test date. Interswitch will fix a date for the test, conduct the test before approval and onward live integration details sent to GTBank, GTBank will then setup the customer on their site. This is a very long process; it takes time and can be complex if you don’t understand what you are doing very well. GTBank GTPay integration process and DIY integration document is quite lengthy.
GTPay platform for selecting card type can be difficult for a customer that doesn’t read everything on the page when they want to checkout and make payment. This can lead to higher shopping cart abandonment rate. Customers paying online may not know they have to click their preferred card and then enter email below the page, before proceeding to payment page to enter their card details. This stage can be bypassed for customers that want to accept only local cards. Unfortunately, the stage cannot be avoided by customers that want to accept International cards. The bank should have made it like a simple radio button or something easier for the customer to know they must click, and no need to enter email address again (since it can be bypassed for local cards).
Customer has to open a corporate account with Guaranty Trust Bank Plc to be able to use this service
GTPay International card acceptance comes with a condition, international transactions come with a transaction charge of 3% per transaction (no cap) and a N5, 000.00 monthly subscription fee. This is no doubt a huge for SME and discouraging for a customer that doesn’t regularly do huge turnover transactions. This is the reason why many of their customers don’t subscribe to the international card acceptance of GTPay.
• Gtpay Setup Fees
GTBank GTPay platform support wordpress themes and e-commerce website. The initial setup cost is N75, 000 and integration cost varies depending on the developer.
SWITCH:   MasterCard/Visa (local)—–MasterCard/Visa (Int’l)
SETUP FEES:   N75,000.00 ——– ——-N75,000.00
TRANSACTION FEE:  1.5% of transaction                                                             amount (subject to  maximum of N2,000)  — 3% of transaction
• Vulnerability
The system is safe.
How to get started with GTBank GTPay: To get started with GTBank GTPAY, visit official  GTBank GTPay  web page
• Complete the GTPay Application form.
• Send filled form along with Certificate of Incorporation to your Account officer.
• For further enquiries, kindly send an email to [email protected]
2. UBA UCOLLECT Payment Gateway
On the second position is UBA UCOLLECT Payment Gateway
UCOLLECT is an online payment processor platform offer by United Bank of Africa. United Bank for Africa Plc has upgraded and partially moved their entire payment gateway – UBA UCollect to a whole new system. The UCollect platform still supports local and international cards, without any setup fee. At the moment, the payment platform support Visa and MasterCard only.
Easy integration workflow and documentation
The integration workflow is superb and easy for good developers. There are three ways to connect your HTTP post (in a different way), XML and JSON. The documentation is quite detailed and explanatory, except there are few some things they would have added.
• Fast responding and Technical support
Zero! They never respond fast as you may want them. This is just an experience with one of their support guys. Though, you may need little or no support from their technical support team.
• Usage
You can use all bank cards on this payment platform.
Customer can get their local and international transactions credited to their Naira and US Domiciliary account respectively.
• Setup convenience and setbacks
The Bank has finally published product detail of UBA UCollect on their official website.
There are few incomplete files and link missing, which can make it complex for a new web developer to integrate to the site. In addition, the gateway lacks a test site, which means even when integrating, you need to be using a live card for every test process. You need to understand the programming to get the integration.
Hmmmmm! It is just manual; you need to approach a customer technical support person in the bank for setup. Their system is not all that complex so I wonder why they wouldn’t allow their setup process to start and finish online.
The customer don’t have access to the backend where they will set RETURN URLS – Success, Failure and Pending URL, you need to fill the URL on the form – for the bank to update and you need to do this consistently anytime you want to do any update on the site.
Customer has to open a corporate account with United Bank for Africa Plc to be able to use this service, like all other Banks that acts as a payment processor in Nigeria.
Information about UCollect is not sufficient among staff at the branch level; you have to call or email the head office for enquiries and support.
The Bank still maintains old and new UCollect payment gateway, which can raise suspicion for potential customer occasionally when they see two different interfaces and links to on different merchants’ site.
Customer needs to spend extra Naira installing an SSL security on their website. Since the UCollect platform is already secured there is no need for an SME to install SSL again.
UBA UCollect charges are quiet higher: 1.5% for local transactions – with no cap and 4% for international – no cap.
Interswitch Verve is not yet integrated to the New UBA UCollect, hence Verve cards can’t be used on the New Platform yet.
  • Setup charges and fees
Partnered with developers who can develop a website and integrate UBA UCollect for the bank customer FREE.
No setup FEE
SWITCH :MasterCard/Visa (local)
TRANSACTION FEE: 1.5% of transaction amount – No CAP
SWITCH: MasterCard/Visa (Int’l)
TRANSACTION FEE: 4% of transaction amount – No Cap
Interswitch Verve 1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of N2,000).
  • Vulnerability
The syetem is safe.
How to get started with UCOLLECT: To get started with ucollect, visit ucollect web page: UBA UCollect Official Web Page
3. Zenith bank Globalpay
Third on the list is Zenith Globalpay
Zenith Globalpay is payment gateway owner by Zenith bank plc. Zenith Globalpay payment gateway supports both local and international transactions.
  • Easy integration work flow and documentation
There are two ways to take advantage of GlobalPAY:
• Direct Integration with Website: The payment gateway is integrated into your website enabling you receive card payments on the website from cardholders from any bank in Nigeria or internationally.
• Storefront Page: A payment page is hosted for your business on the GlobalPAY Storefront at www.globalpay.com.ng.
  • Fast responding and Technical support
Those guys respond quickly to issues.
  • Usage
The payment gateway support local and international cards such as MasterCard, Visa and Verve Cards.
  • Setup convenience and setbacks
They accept multi-card with just a single integration
Highest levels of data protection via PCI Compliance
Setbacks: As a matter of fact, deployment of this gateway started with N250, 000 (Two hundred and fifty thousand naira), they made a promo and deploy it for 75,000 (Seventy five thousand naira). Currently, the platform has been reviewed upward back to N150, 000 (for Visa, Mastercard and Interswitch card support).
  • Setup charges and fees
The Bank monthly Access Fee – N5, 000.00 and Foreign Settlement Charge – $50 (per settlement) combination are the highest so far. Setup fee of N150, 000 – is also high.
MasterCard/Visa (local)- N75,000.00 -1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of N2,000)- MERCHANT
MasterCard/Visa (Int’l) -N75,000.00-3.5% of transaction amount; no cap- MERCHANT
Interswitch Verve -N75,000.00-1.5% of transaction amount (subject to a maximum of N2,000) -MERCHANT
Monthly Access Fee – N5, 000.00
Foreign Settlement Charge – $50 (per settlement).
  • Vulnerability
Not too safe.
How to get started with Zenith Globalpay: To get started with zenith Globalpay, visit: Zenith Globalpay Official Web Page: http://www.zenithbank.com/eBizSolutionsCorporateGlobalPay.
4. Interswitch Webpay /Quickteller
The fourth on list is Interswitch Webpay /Quickteller
When you talk about online payment in Nigeria, Interswitch is the king. They are the forerunner of online payment platform in Nigeria. Those Guys there are actually doing great. They process both online and offline payment for virtually all commercial banks in Nigeria.
  • Easy integration work flow and documentation
Interswitch webpay payment system adopts the same process as GTBank GTPay. The process is a bit lengthy and also uses a DIY integration document. Their documentation is not enough for you to easily execute the integration. Their documentation is not so helpful; they need to do some work on their documentation. However, the payment processor has also partnered with some developers to assist customers with integration at a cost.
  • Fast responding and Technical support
They have a good technical support team. They respond to mails 7/7. You can call their support team at any time.
  • Usage
This payment gateway platform only supports Nigerian interswitch compliant cards. International cards such as VISA and MasterCard cannot be used. A service many Nigerians now ask for constantly
  • Setup convenience and setbacks
The cost of Integrating Webpay to your website is N150, 000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only) which to us also is quiet high.
  • Setup charges and fees
Integration of Webpay to a website cost N150, 000 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only) which is quite high.
  • Vulnerability
Absolutely safe.
How to get started with interswitch webpay/Quickteller: To get started with interswitch, visit the interswitch website: www.interswitchng.com
5. Cash Envoy
On the fifth position is Cash Envoy
Cash Envoy is owned by Electronic Settlement Limited and has been endorsed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. They began operation November, 2009 as the First web payment aggregator in Nigeria. The company has grown some interesting customer base.
Cashenvoy vision statement is to create the magical payment process that customers will always want to pay with and merchants always want to receive payments with. CashEnvoy is the only Nigerian Payment Aggregator/Processor this is accepted on Shopify.
  • Easy integration work flow and documentation
I should say they are the best. You don’t need the help of anybody to understand integration process. You will practically find everything you need in the documentation. You can only contact them when you are going LIVE with the application. You need such experience as a developer and all payment platforms should learn from this company on how to make documentation simple and straight forward. No ambiguity, no obstruction.
  • Fast responding and Technical support
They are quite slow for my liking. It may take them some days before they respond to your mail. They need to improve on their technical support. Developers send a support mail, and wouldn’t want to waste a second before receiving response.
  • Setup Convenience and setbacks
It is just automatic. Period! You don’t need to call anybody to get a merchant account. There is always a sandbox for your test and the test accounts are made available online. With this, you can’t just be doing it wrong. I see this as a perfect choice for those who need to choose a platform that would not require them to keep calling technical support. They power website with the UAT document, customers have to pass their test phase of site integration – that is to test your website before going live.
  • Usage
Cashenvoy doesn’t charge for online different variants of cards.
Merchants can accept local and international card such as – VISA, MASTERCARD, eTranzact and Interswitch cards.
  • Setup charges and fees
Registration fee, admin, fee— 0
Withdrawal fee- 0
Activation fee- 0
Transaction fee 2.5%+ N12.60 to a maximum of 3500
No hidden charges
  • Vulnerability
Their implementation work flow (as given by them) is lovely but some nonchalant developers do implement it with room for vulnerability.
How to get started with Cash Envoy: To get started with cash envoy, visit cash envoy official website www.cashenvoy.com
6. Voguepay
On the sixth position is Voguepay
Voguepay is a Nigerian payment gateway that allows customers to accept payment on their website. The system support automatic withdrawal to the merchant bank account, unlike most payment processors that merchant has to manually request for withdrawal.
  • Easy integration work flow and documentation
They have developed Plugin, merchant can just download and install to their existing website for selected shopping carts. This minimizes the stress and energy of having to integrate the gateway to your website. Sites without a readymade plugin or code, the company has an integration document you can use for custom integration with your website. You can integrate Voguepay payment gateway into wordpress blog
  • Fast responding and Technical support
Not quite commendable. One of my clients informs me the other day that he reaches voguepay support on phone but the responses he got from them is not quite commendable. They do not show some level of seriousness in their business. I am yet to confirm this.
  • Usage
VoguePay USD MasterCard/VISA channel has been disabled. This is due to the fight against fraud and unauthorized card usage, Merchants who wish to have the channel enabled for them will have to request for it by contacting their support team
  • Setup convenience and setbacks
Voguepay’s comprehensive integrated solutions and services are quite understandable
  • Signing Up Fees and Charges
NIGERIA – Business Account
Business Account
Opening Account Free
Merchant Fee Free
Merchant Verification N1500 (with Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate) and N2500 (with Government issued Identity cards)
Transaction Fee Transaction Fee Naira Cards – 2.5%USD MasterCard & VISA Card – 4.5%(No Gateway Fees Applicable)
Withdraw Money 1% + 120 Naira
Integration Free (Fee may apply for customised Integration)
  • Vulnerability
VoguePay distinguishes itself from other online payment processors with its array of features guided by its core values:
Security and Reliability
How to get started with voguepay:To get started with voguepay, visit voguepay official website: www.voguepay.com
7. Simplepay
On the seventh position in this list is Simplepay
Simplepay is a Nigerian payment process platform; the company is located in Abuja Nigeria. The gateway utilizes international acceptability of Zenith Globalpay to allow their customers accept payments online using their local and international Visa Card, MasterCard and Interswitch cards.
  • Easy integration work flow and documentation
The company also has developed integration Plugin for different variants of shopping carts and Content Management System, in addition, the integration document is available on the website for custom integration. Just like VoguePay, fee may apply for customized Integration. Getting your website running to accept online payment is simple – it takes a non Technical Person 2hours, for a Developer, you should result in minute.
  • Fast responding and Technical support
Their responses to issues is a bit slow
  • Usage
With simplepay, customers must not have an account with a specific bank to be used in Nigeria; you can choose any bank of your choice; unlike GTBank GTPay, Zenith GlobalPay and UBA UCollect and others. The payment platform does not also insist on SSL, DEDICATED IP among others like UBA UCollect
  • Setup convenience and setbacks
Integration plugin are available for download and where plugin are not applicable, easy to implement documentation are available on the website.
  • Setup charges and fees
Signup fees: FREE
Integration: FREE
 Verve Card/ Naira MasterCard – 1.50% plus N10.00 per transaction;
 Etranzact Card/Web – 1.50% plus N0.00 per transaction;
 Visa (Vpay) integration – 1.50% plus N0.00 per transaction;
 International Payments via Credit Card Visa and MasterCard (Zenith Bank Transfer) – 5.00% plus N10.00 per transaction;
Withdrawal: Wire Transfer – N300.00 per transaction;
Receive Money: 1.00% plus N10.00 per transaction
  • Vulnerability
Vulnerability is on a high side though they claim to have an intelligent system that constantly check and monitor transaction flows. The company has an amazing fraud review system
How to get started with Simplepay: To get started with simplepay, visit their official Website: www.simplepay4u.com
8. 2Checkout
On number eight on the list is 2Checkout
2checkout is a USA based company established in 1999. The company has over 50,000 trusted merchants.
The payment platform supports transactions in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages, forming one of the leading processors of online transactions in the world.
  • Easy integration work flow and documentation
The document is easy to implement. It include a pre-integrated payment gateway, a merchant account, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention, and plug-ins for 100 of the most popular carts
  • Fast responding and Technical support
At least, they are good
  • Usage
2checkout accept the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, PIN debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo, PayPal, Discover.
  • Setup convenience and setbacks
Setup is simple to implement.
  • Setup charges and fees
Setup is FREE for Merchant account today. You will be required to sign up with 2Checkout by submitting an application. Your application will be processed and your website will be reviewed by underwriting team. Some of the things consider during the review include your products and services, marketing techniques, price, refund and privacy policy. After the application is approved and your site is up and running, you can start selling with 2Checkout.
Transaction Charges for Nigerians.
5.5% + 45¢ successful transaction
  • Vulnerability
Having been on service for the past 14years, they have learn from experience to build 300+ Fraud rules built over time and have also met PCI Level 1 compliance.
9. PayAttitude
On number ninth on the list is PayAttitude
This is not a platform for just any newbie developer. You must be an expert to get your integration through. I am sure all is in the name of security. You can hardly see this gateway on most Ecommerce websites in Nigeria.
  • Integration Work Flow and documentation
You must be good for you to be able to get around integrating this payment gateway. Where your problem starts is when the document sent to you is a folder. You need to have a dedicated server to use this payment option because your shared host won’t allow you to implement all their requirements. According to one of the configuration documents,
After successfully doing the operation above, two files will be generated, a .PEM and .CSR file. The generated .CSR will be mailed to [email protected] for signing, and then we send you the 2 files, merchantname.key and cacert.pem files that will be referenced in stunnel
Their file document folder contains 11 files. This makes their documentation so cumbersome. However, the integration is pretty straight forward if you are not so new to integration.
  • Fast responding and Technical support
Would you still need support with the overkill documentation? You need support. At almost every point you have to call. Maybe because they know this, their support guys give you their personal numbers. You can even call them at odd hour.
  • Setup Convenience and setbacks
This is practically not convenient. Everything is manual. I doubt if they now accept Mastercards, Verve and Interswitch cards, but they said they do.
  • Vulnerability
The system is Safe
10. FirstBank FirstPayLink
On position ten on this list is FirstBank FirstPayLink
FirstPayLink is an online payment processor platform owned by First Bank of Nigeria Plc. It is integrated to merchant websites to allow Internet payments using InterSwitch, eTranzact, Visa and MasterCard cards. To be able to use this service, the customer must have an Account with First Bank.
  • Easy integration work flow and documentation
First Bank FirstPayLink does not have any integration plugin just like other banks (GTBank GTPay, Zenith Globalpay, and UBA UCollect) that do not have plugin, but they have an integration document too on their website. Their coding and design structure is quite complex and lengthy; hence developer should really know his/her onion.
  • Fast responding and Technical support
They can easily be reached.
  • Usage
The payment gateway platform support local and international transactions.
  • Setup convenience and setbacks
Their coding and design structure is quite cumbersome, hence developer must really knows his onion
  • Setup charges and fees
MasterCard-N50,000.00-1.5% of transaction amount, subject to a maximum of N2,000 (Local) and3% (International)-MERCHANT
Visa -1.5% of transaction amount, subject to a maximum of N2,000 (Local) and3% (International)-MERCHANT
Interswitch Verve -N50,000.00 1.5% of transaction amount, subject to a maximum of N2,000 (Local)-MERCHANT
eTranzact-N50,000.00 1.5% of transaction amount, subject to a maximum of N2,000 (Local)-MERCHANT
The total set-up cost (one-off) is N200, 000 (N50, 000/Switch). There are four Switches available: InterSwitch, Visa, MasterCard and eTranzact. The charges is 1.5% cap N2000 (Local) and 3% (International).
  • Vulnerability
The payment platform is Safe.
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Q1. I need a payment solution that people can use. Payment options like using your airtime to pay for services. I run a charity organization and I want a platform where people can donate instantly through their phones, through SMS, or through a simple web payment solution. Which would you suggest as an easy and cost effective platform?
Answer: Simplepay will be a good option for you. To accepts payment with stiff budget; you can consider Simplepay, Voguepay and Cashenvoy.
Q2. Which payment gateway can I integrate into my wordpress blog?
Answer: Consider Voguepay, simplepay, cash envoy as your best option,
Q3. I observed that the GTPay is a good gateway. But, I observed that this gateway has payment issues, where customers are not able to make payments successfully. Also, it selects cards. Why and what would you suggest and how can you help me
Answer: Many factors can cause a payment gateway not to accept its card:
a. Some Bank Cards might not be activated for online transactions,
b. Card details might not be entered completely, e.g. GTBank Mastercard and some Banks write the last 4digits number on the Interswitch reflective logo.
c. Some cards require be toVerified by Visa – VISA CARDS, Mastercard Secure Code – MASTERCARD and Safetoken/Hardware/Soft Token – for INTERSWTICH cards, some customers don’t know about this.
Among other issues;
We suggest you put simple FAQ or likely issues customers can have on your website where customers can see it when making payment. You can even make it in form of a picture with arrows pointing to the likely issues – to inform them.

If you enjoyed this long article, show some loves…don’t just read, asks your questions, share and drop some comments.

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