Zakat and Sadaqat task Muslims on equitable distribution of wealth

The need for the Muslims to play major role in the equitable distribution of wealth was at the front burner during the official distribution of Zakat to the needy in Ogun State recently.
The Executive Director, Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation (ZSF), Imam Abdullahi Shuaib, at the sixth edition of the distribution ceremony in the state berated the spate of poverty in the country today, urging the Federal Government to take urgent steps to revive the nation’s ailing economy.
Also, he charged the Muslim Ummah to obey the commandment of Allah by promptly paying zakat and sadaqat to the needy, as a way of cushioning government’s efforts at eradicating poverty in the country.
The ZSF distributed materials and cash intervention worth about N2, 530,000 to 52 beneficiaries with 67 per cent of the fund meant for the economic empowerment, 23 per cent for education support, five per cent for medical support and four per cent for debt-relief among others.
In order to deepen the economic empowerment support of some of the beneficiaries, items such as a tricycle, an industrial sewing machine, three deep freezers, clothes, shoes and mattresses among others were also distributed to beneficiaries in Ososa town.
Shuaib said: “In line with the policy thrust of ZSF and its mission statements – to help the rich to enrich the poor, care and touch peoples’ life and benefit humanity in general, we are determined and committed to deepen the welfare of the Nigerian people especially the poor, the needy and vulnerable amongst our people with the instrumentality of Zakat fund.
Today, it is no news that more than 67 per cent of Nigerian total population of more than 170 million are impoverished. Government hospitals are still mere consultation centres where qualitative medical care are out of the reach of the poor, access roads in many of the local government areas are apologies for motorists and where corruption has destroyed the economy of the country so much so that the socio-economic sectors of the country have suffered serious haemorrhage that has left many of our people emaciated.
It is our hope that with a change in government, the President Buhari’s administration will pursue to its logical conclusion the annihilation of corruption and also prosecute judicially all those government and non-government officials with corrupt tendencies with a view to retrieving the stolen commonwealth of Nigerians. By accomplishing this herculean but noble cause, the vanguards of the change mantras would be seen as giving hope to the hopeless and hapless; and practically on the right track of tackling frontally the aforementioned ills that has deepened our under – development over the last 16 years of our democratic experience,” he said.
However, he said the ZSF has concluded arrangements to wipe off tears and put smiles on the faces of some Nigerians in line with a prophetic tradition that encourages us to be our brother’s keeper, care and love one another with passion.
“We are aware that every one of us is in search of peace and happiness at this time when the country is plagued with the menace of terrorist attacks in the northeast and southeast regions, while kidnapping and vandalism of the NNPC pipelines are rampant in the southsouth region. The situation is quite not different in the southwest region of the country which is associated with food insecurity, youth unemployment and harsh economic situation that has worsened the living condition of an average Nigeria worker who earns less than $1 US Dollar per day. Even though we are not sure where that happiness will come from, I have conviction in Allah that true happiness lies in the happiness of other people. So, when you give people their happiness, you will get your own happiness back,” he said.
He therefore urged the beneficiaries to make the best use of what is been given to them with a view to improving themselves so that in the years ahead, they would be able to attain economic freedom and also become contributors to the socio-economic development and growth of the country.

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