That Daivyan Obiajunwa may live again

FOR Master Daivyan Obiajunwa, one-year-old boy suffering from Nephroblastoma of the kidney, life has been very cruel. His few months on earth have been filled with agony.
Though he has been taken to Apollo Hospital, Chennai, India for treatment, he needs the sum of N4 million to balance his medical expenses of N10 million.
According to the family Physician, Dr. E. Ochugbo, the young boy was brought to a hospital in Lagos, months ago with a fever associated with vomiting, anorexia and constipation. He was thought to have malaria but the treatment offered little relief. After some observation, it was discovered he had abdominal distension, persistent fever and intestinal obstruction.
“Three weeks on and with little or no relief, the agitated parents were advised to seek a second opinion which ruled out intestinal obstruction and stepped up antibiotic therapy to a combination of Imipemems, Aminoglycosides and Metronidazole but fever persisted, prompting the parents to visit our centre where abdominal mass was noticed in the left lumbar region.”
He noted that imaging ultrasound scan followed by a Computerised Tomography scan suggested a Nephroblastoma of the left kidney, with possible canon ball metastasis to the lungs.
The Guardian learnt that though the parents were distraught but remained positive, which led to their plan to take the boy to India for the best care possible, for the likely duration of three months. But on getting there, the money was not sufficient for the boy to undergo the treatment.
The parents and the Ikorodu Metropolitan Lions Club are appealing to Nigerians for the sum of N4 million to balance the medical expenses for him to live a normal life like children of his age. A total of N10 million is needed for the operation but his parents initially deposited the sum of N6 million, which is not enough for the operation.
Donations can be forwarded to Ikorodu Metropolitan Club-Access Bank Plc.: 0023411465, to save the life of the little boy.

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