Parents’ support critical to pupils’ talent development, says Kolade

Boardroom guru and Nigeria’s former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Dr Christopher Kolade, says parents must create conducive atmospheres for their children to harness the creative endowments locked within them, stressing that since every child is blessed with the talent, he/she must be given opportunities to exercise these endowments in order to excel in life.
Kolade who spoke at the Lekki Campus of the Greensprings School, while on a familiarisation visit ahead of the forthcoming gala night, (a special event meant to raise funds for the building of a state-of-the-art performing arts centre and hall), admonished parents to encourage and support their wards to become the best ‎they can be in their chosen fields.
The renowned diplomat educated the students and staff of their obligations to the country, saying since citizens owe the country their allegiance, it was their responsibility to make the country a better place for all.
“‎Nigerian is a place that we depend on for everything that we have, all the facilities, all the opportunities we enjoy today belong to Nigeria. So if we want to live a happy life, we should take responsibility. But more importantly, for the future generation, we need to do what we can for Nigeria today so that the country will continue to be a good place to live in,” he said.
Kolade who was thrilled with the dance and drama presentations commended the management for enthroning excellence in the school and for the school’s numerous achievements.
“The school is doing great. I’m amazed with what has been done here; what has been achieved. And now that I have seen students perform, I’m highly impressed and I think that whatever we as citizens can do to support the school, to help the people, we should do it,” he added.
Executive Director, Greensprings School, Mrs. Lai Koiki, said the school was delighted to have Kolade as the special guest at the gala night coming up on January 30.
“We truly appreciate his presence here today. Just taking from his wealth of wisdom is simply incredible. Listening to him and the way he spoke about citizenship and excellence to the children is inspirational and these are the kind of people that should be at the forefront of making Nigeria what it should be
“Just as I have benefited immensely, I believe that the students have benefited and will take it with them the fact that indeed we’ve been planted into Nigeria by God to tend and care for this nation and to ensure that we don’t take more than our own fair share of the resources and that’s so profound,” said Koiki.
According to school’s Director of Education, Mr. Harry McFaul, the performing art centre would help the school to promote talents and give students opportunities to be the best in academics and beyond.

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