Paid, But More Powerful: Remote Mouse

Intel isn’t the first company to make an app that turns your Android phone into a trackpad/keyboard for your PC. The best app so far has been Remote Mouse.
Remote Mouse addresses several of the limitations of Intel Remote Keyboard.
  • It uses your preferred Android keyboard, whether the default or Swype or Swiftkey.
  • It has a built-in application launcher for your installed apps.
  • It has a built-in shut down / sleep / restart / log out remote.
  • It supports voice typing through your preferred app.
  • It works over 3G.
But there is a major, major problem with Remote Mouse: The free version has ads right at the top of the trackpad! So while you’re moving the cursor around, you might just end up tapping an ad accidentally. Annoying!
Remote Mouse actually has some great features tucked away if you are willing to pay $1.99 to unlock each. You can unlock the ads. You also need to spend that to get a function keyboard in landscape mode. And you can pay to unlocked a media remote control panel, which supports popular apps like iTunes, Powerpoint, Windows Media Player, and more. There’s also a similar Spotify remote, a Web remote, and lots more. To make Remote Mouse truly functional, you will pay anything between $4-$12.
Oh yeah, and it works with Mac OS X, too.

What Do You Remote Control With Your Phone?

Turning your phone into a remote control is one of the best ideas to reuse old phones instead of throwing them away. It doesn’t have to be an old phone though, using your main handset is super convenient.
Apart from your PC, what else do you want to control with your phone? How do you do it?

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