Opposition calls on German Chancellor to change course on migration

Edmund Stoiber, former Bavarian Premier, has called on German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to implement plans to reduce an unprecedented refugee influx by March.
He said on Monday in Berlin that failure to implement such plan she would be forced to face open rebellion from within her conservative political alliance.
An increasing number of lawmakers in Merkel’s alliance of Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) are openly criticizing the chancellor’s open-door migration policy, which led to the arrival of 1.1 million migrants in 2015.
Stoiber insisted that Merkel would have to curb the influx by March.
“Support for Merkel’s immigration policies will be tested in March, when Germany holds three state elections.
Stoiber said the country’s southern border with Austria should be closed in order to curb the ongoing influx of migrants.
Merkel supporters said she has repeatedly said that this would undermine German law, which grants victims of political persecution the right of asylum.
They said Merkel was seeking a deal to resettle asylum seekers across the EU, thus avoiding a breakdown of free travel and commerce within the bloc.
The supporters added that she also wanted to work with EU partners to secure the bloc’s outer borders and to fulfil a 3.3billion-dollar aid pledge to Turkey, which is hosting more than 2 million Syrian refugees.
Conservative lawmakers in the Bundestag have summarized their grievances in relation to Merkel’s migration policies in a letter which was due to be circulated soon.

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