Mtn Secure Connect

1.  Who is the service for?
All customers (existing and new) desiring a resilient, high availability branch connectivity network.
2.  Where is the service available?
Everywhere in Nigeria.
3.  What is the minimum contract term?
3 years for the initial period; renewable annually after.
4.  What is the lead time for delivery?
6 weeks from implementation date.
5.  How does it work?
  • This solution will provide by default a primary and a secondary link end-to-end for each of the location.
  • The primary link has been designed to provide bandwidth from 128Kbps capacity for each branch location based on demand; while capacity at the HQ will be the aggregate bandwidth at all branch locations.
  • The secondary link has been designed to provide 128, 256 and 512Kbps capacity for each branch location based on demand
  • As the primary link, the Terrestrial link will be deployed through the MPLS infrastructure.
  • MTN will provide the 1800 series customer edge (CE) router at each location.
  • Access circuit will remain licensed microwave radios
  • As the secondary link, C-band VSAT will be provisioned for end-to-end data connection for connecting each branch as an option. This requires each branch to have a 2.4 dish, a 5Watt BUC with backup power converter, LNB and RG-6 and RG-11 cable with a RCST modem with Ethernet.
  • All VSAT links will be networked to MTNN Central Hub and will be backhauled to HQ via fibre optic cable.
  • Each link will terminate on the customer edge router configured to re-route traffic whenever there is an outage on the primary link. This configuration should also define the primary interface as the preferred such that when it is restored, traffic can be returned through this link.
  • The router will be configured in automatic failover mode.
  • The VSAT links will be active with a pool of bandwidth shared on for each link.
  • The VSAT link will be burstable without having to put down the link

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