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Why MTN Mobile Ads?
  • A direct channel through which you can reach your profiled target audience
  • A smart means of optimizing advertising budget
  • A complementary channel for advertising that makes your integrated marketing communications plans more comprehensive and watertight

  • Targeted Ads - The biggest advantage of mobile advertising is the fact that it can be much more targeted to existing and potential customers along the lines of Age, Gender, Location, Spend, Device type, Operating system and much more resulting to better Return on Investment.
  • Effectiveness – Due to the nature of the service, you are sure that the actual target market\audience\group are being addressed
  • Easy to Track – This service as most digital platforms is can be tracked and measurable; reports are developed which can show the trends and dynamics of consumers.
  • Budget Friendly - Mobile Advertising campaigns are budget friendly when compared with the value it delivers.
  • Reach & Penetration- High increase in the use of mobile devices (phones and tablets) daily.

Why MTN Nigeria Communications Limited
  • With almost 50 million subscribers and over 40 million subscribers fully profiled and with 25 million subscribers opted in
  • MTN Nigeria Communication is the biggest mobile operator in Nigeria with the widest network coverage (Voice & data) and deep rural penetration
  • We work together with our customers, understand their business challenges and develop affordable solutions that solve business needs
Solutions on offer
  • Push\iSMS: This solution allows for 1 - 5 level interaction with the subscriber; these interactions are at no cost to the subscriber. This form of mobile advertising is very effective as it delivers mobile messages direct to a live audience and can be programmed to be interactive (A real time engagement)
  • IVR: This solution serves brand messages & communication to subscribers as the wait on the queue to be attended to by a Care Agent. This solution provides a frequency of 7, 500, 000 impressions and approximated 2, 000, 000 people monthly. Advanced technology provides for call re-routing
  • MMS: This solution serves pictures, audios and short videos. This delivers an extra ordinary experience to the mobile subscriber
  • CRBT: This solution plays back pre-recorded jingle which has been loaded on the RBT portal and allocated to mobile phones of members of your staff. When calls are made to these phones, their callers get to hear the jingle\message. This can be programmed within particular hours
  • In-App Advertising: MTN Nigeria as part of the offering for mobile advertising has properties advertising such as the MTN Play which offers games, app store, music, comedy hot gist and entertainment. This solution is very effective for youth marketing. It enjoys high traffic and is optimized both for mobile and web.
  • Flash SMS: This solution sends messages to mobile subscribers as a ‘pop up’ and remains on the screen until exited or cancelled making it a "must see" by the subscriber
  • Location Based Advertising: This solution targets subscribers who are in close proximity to shops, restaurants, showrooms, Hotels etc. where products, services, offers or promos are currently available
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