MTN Leased Circuits

MTN provides business customers with a facility through which their data can be transmitted between computer and electronic information devices at two or more of the businesses operating areas, sites or branches. Within the service MTNN provides the physical inter-connection of the sites to the MTNN Network, ensures the correct configuration and routing within the Network, management of the terminating devices, health monitoring and status notifications and general day to day operations of the whole network.
This service is commonly referred to as Data Leased Circuit (Line/ Links): which is essentially a dedicated line/ link from the MTNN Network using a multi service access platform comprising metropolitan fiber access, extensive copper network, microwave, satellite or radio link to the premises of companies that want to build their own communications infrastructure or run data-demanding applications such as data transfers, VOIP or video conferencing. 
MTN Leased circuits offers flexibility of providing local (Metropolitan) and long distance (inter city) circuits with speeds of n x 64kbps (Fractional links) to 2Mbps (E1) for high bandwidth requirements using a variety of media as described below:
  • Satellite:  The customer's bandwidth which is provided from a shared pool can be delivered via V-sat on a shared upstream and downstream basis (Link Star), dedicated upstream and downstream basis (SCPC, SCPC), or dedicated upstream and shared downstream basis (SCPC  DVB)
  • SH DSL (Symetric High Digital Subscriber Line): This is a wire line which can run through either copper or fiber from the customer's premises onto the MTNN Network.
  • Microwave: (PtP) The customer's bandwidth is transmitted via microwave frequency from customer's premises to the MTNN Network
  • Radio Link:  (PtmP) The customer's bandwidth is connected to the Network via a point to multi point broadband radio link 

For businesses that require connectivity between their Nigerian operations and their branch offices within and beyond the African continent, MTN offer IPLC.

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