Mtn HyConnect

1.  How long does the installation service take?
It takes a minimum of 5-7 days from when your request is received
2.  Do I need to do any configuration?
All installations are done by the technical engineers. You are required to just plug in via the MTN branded modem supplied and service is up and running.
3.  Will the internet work with my computer?
HyConnect has been designed to work with modern PCs, laptops and Macs.
4. Can I connect more than one computer?
Yes, but you will require a modem with more than one port
5.  What speed will the internet be?
The internet speed ideally is 128kbps/64kpbs, but we have a wide range of speed up to 2mbps. In all, you will receive a fast reliable high speed connection over 100 times the speed of dial-up connection.
6.  How much can I download?
HyConnect broadband internet has no restriction but your download depends on available bandwidth capacity.
7.  How do I pay my bills?
Payment can be made in the designated banks highlighted on page 4. You can also pay at any of our Service centres in the city where you reside.
8.  How long will it take for my payment to reflect in my account?
Table below indicates how long payment will take to register on your account.
9.  What features does the landline service have?
Call hunting, call conferencing, call forwarding, call barring, call waiting and a lot more other exciting features.
10.  Is the landline and internet charged as a bundle?
Internet is charged based on bandwidth with a fixed monthly fee while the landline is charged per usage in addition to the access charge.
Target Customers
It is designed for Home, offices & small to medium enterprises (SME) and the aim is to provide a much needed quality service at a competitive price.

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