MTN Direct Connect

Service Overview
MTN is pleased to introduce Direct Connect, an efficient, cost-effective telecommunications service specifically developed to meet the demands of corporate customers in Nigeria whose communications requirements are unique to their locations. 
It is ideal for use by those with multiple fixed-line trunks that are currently experiencing difficulties working, even at levels below full capacity.  This service is known as Direct Connect simply because it provides a direct access to the MTN network, and in so doing, bypasses those areas in which there are current communications problems. It is also an integrated fixed and mobile telecommunications solution designed to enable seamless integration of new services, as they become available and in keeping with your future demands.

Solution Architecture
Direct Connect involves the provision of a connection from company's premises directly into MTN's network.  Such a Direct Connect, will enable company to originate and receive national and international calls. The required connection will be provided using a point-to-point dedicated microwave link offering E1 (2Mbps) bandwidth / capacity.  Although initially we typically provide an E1 link as part of the service, the capacity can be augmented in E1 increments to provide 4MB, 8MB or 16MB as company's capacity requirements change over time.  Each E1 link will provide company with thirty voice channels that can be simultaneously utilized for incoming and outgoing voice calls. The schematic below provides an overview of our proposed solution.

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