Hunters Association Call For Involvement In Terrorism Fight

BokoHaram-GUNSAS hunters in Borno State clamour for involvement in the fight against insurgency in the North East, the President of Association of Animal Hunters of Nigeria (AAHON), Comrade Ray Macaulay said yesterday that he has started mobilisation of all hunters in Nigeria to support their counterparts once they get the green light to be engaged and infused into the Civilian JTF in that region for the fight against Boko Haram.
A statement by Macaulay in Benin City yesterday said, “I want to state categorically that I am fully in support of the request made by the hunters of Borno State. This indeed has added voice to our earlier request by hunters in the South to join their compatriots in the North to crush the terrorists once and for all.
“With this new call from that part of the country, I think the government should pay immediate attention to it and allow the hunters, not only those of Borno State but also others who have been yearning to join the military to put an end to the problem of terrorism for good.”
He re-emphasised that the hunters understand the terrain in that region and should be allowed to play significant role in this fight against terrorism especially when they were the ones volunteering to serve.

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