How To Easily Change The Start Button Of Windows 10

If you are one of those PC users who love customizing Windows operating system and keep an eye of software that let you customize Windows operating system, then you likely know that the popular Start Button Changer software is not updated for Windows 10 yet.
The Start Button Changer software is the ultimate solution to change the Start button quickly and easily. Since it doesn’t support Windows 10 yet, those of you who would like to change the default icon of Windows 10 Start button, need to use other tools.
change the Start button Windows 10
All popular third-party Start menu software programs support replacing the default Start button with custom ones. Although programs like StartIsBack++ and Start10 enable you change the Start button with ease, we are going use the popular Classic Shell software as it’s free.

Change the Windows 10 Start button using Classic Shell

For those who are wondering, you can change the Start button without actually activating Classic Shell’s Start menu and other features. That is, the program will be used just to change the Start button and you won’t see any other features.
So, if you love the new Windows 10 Start menu, you can still use the Classic Shell to change the Start button without activating Classic Shell’s Start menu.

Use Classic Shell to change Windows 10’s Start button

Step 1: Visit this page of Classic Shell,
and download the latest version.
Step 2: Run the setup file, when you come across the following screen, uncheck all options except Classic Start Menu and Classic Shell Update.
Change The Start button in Windows 10
Change The Start button in Windows 10 pic2
Step 3: Once installed, you will see the following screen where you need to select a type of Start menu for your Windows 10. The Windows 7-style Start menu is selected by default.
Change The Start button in Windows 10 pic3
If you installed the Classic Shell program just to change the Start button and don’t want to replace the original Windows 10 Start menu with Classic Shell, switch to Basic Settings tab and select the following options:
# Left click opens: Windows Start menu
# Shift + click opens: Windows Start menu
# Windows key opens: Windows Start menu
# Shift + Win opens: Windows Start menu
Change The Start button in Windows 10 pic5
Don’t click the OK button yet. Switch back to Start Menu Style tab, check the box labelled Replace the Start button as shown in the picture below and then select Custom option. Click Pick image button to select the custom Start menu button. Note that, unlike the Start Button Changer, Classic Shell doesn’t automatically resize the Start button. So you need to manually resize the Start button image to fit to the taskbar.
Change The Start button in Windows 10 pic4
Finally, click OK button to apply the new Start button without actually disabling the new Windows 10’s Start menu.

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