First rains bring relief to Lagos, Edo, Ibadan, Osogbo

Lagos rains 1

Lagos rains 1
• ‘Not yet beginning of
rainy season’

IT was a huge relief after about four days of hot weather characterised by profuse sweating as some parts of South West and South South yesterday experienced the first rains of the year.
In Lagos, the occurrence was almost a repeat of what happened in 2013 when the city had its first showers on January 20, 2013.
The Guardian’s investigation revealed that the first rains, which started about 8:00a.m. yesterday, were heavy and lasted for about an hour depending on one’s location. The rains caused flash floods in some areas.
Residents welcomed the rains with cheers. They said that they were delighted with the early rainfall, adding that the development would reduce the prevailing heat. But meteorologists at the Central Forecast, office of the National Weather Forecasting and Climate Research Centre, Abuja, said: “It does not mean the raining season has started. There was a sudden pull of moisture into the inland area of Lagos, which enhanced the rain, combined with thunderstorm. We are in the middle of the dry season, the harmattan, which is still prevailing. It will still come back in the next three to four days.”
They said that the rain would further enhance the harmattan season, which was brought in through the East westerly wind. According to meteorologists, it will aid in bringing down the high temperature.
Deputy General Manager Central Forecast, office of the National Weather Forecasting and Climate Research Centre, Abuja, Mr. Cyprian Okoloye, told journalists: “Usually, we don’t experience warm condition at this period. But the rains actually show that there is a lot of movement of moist in the air.”
Okoloye said there was no cause for alarm and urged residents to be cautious with the harmattan period that would recur.
According to Wikipedia, the first rainy season begins around March and lasts till the end of July with a peak in June . This rainy season is followed by a short dry break in August known as the August break which is a short dry season lasting for two to three weeks in August. This break is broken by the short rainy season starting around early September and lasting till mid-October with a peak period at the end of September. A long dry season follows the ending of the short rainy season in October. This period starts from late October and lasts till early March with peak dry conditions between early December and late February.
According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), some parts of Ibadan metropolis, the Oyo State capital yesterday recorded the first rain of the year.
The rain which began about 3:48 a.m. lasted for almost an hour. NAN also reported that ‎this makes many residents, who had been complaining of the hot weather in the city to heave a sigh of relief.
Some of them who spoke with NAN said they were very happy to witness the development. Mr. Ajayi Adetayo said he was relieved of the heat experienced in the last one month and was able to sleep well because of the rain.
“The first rain of the year is a sign of blessing, I never knew it will come this early; all the same it is a welcome development.
“I want to advise that government should prepare for the rainy season so that we will not be caught unawares when it comes,’’ Adetayo said.
Mrs. Asake Are, a civil servant, also said the rain was a sign of blessing for the state and country.
“I hope it will bring more blessing in food production this year, I foresee a bountiful harvest this year.
“I observed that residents have not been keeping the environment clean; we must ensure that our drainages are properly cleared to avoid flooding,’’ Are said.‎
Also, Osogbo recorded its first rain of the year in the early hour of yesterday. NAN reported that the heavy rain, which lasted for more than one hour, started about 12:05 a.m and stopped around 1:30 a.m.
Some farmers and residents, who spoke with NAN in Osogbo described the early rainfall as a welcome development.
Mr. Lukman Ibrahim, a small-scale farmer, said the early rainfall was a sign that there would be a bountiful harvest for the farmers this year.
Ibrahim said that farmers were not expecting rainfall at this time, saying that the early rain would assist farmers to start farming on time.
Another farmer, Mr. Bolade Akande, said with the early rainfall, farmers could start planning for the farming season.
Akande, however, cautioned that farmers need not rush to start planting but they should study the weather and ensure that the rain would be regular.
Mrs. Nike Awoniyi, a resident, said due to the hot weather, she could hardly sleep at night, adding that with the rainfall, the weather would be cooler.
Mr. Lawrence Iwaloye, another resident, also said he was happy with the early rainfall, adding that it brought a great relief from the heat being experienced in the last few weeks.
Meanwhile, the city of Benin in Edo State also had its first rain yesterday.
Reports from Benin City indicated that the rain was indeed heavy, which caused flooding in the city.

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