Check: Zuriel teaches Khoi San children in Namibia

 Zuriel teaching Khoi San children in Namibia
Zuriel teaching Khoi San children in Namibia
THE Kalahari Desert, to many, conjures up images and stories from history and geography classes. It epitomizes harsh living conditions that gave way to a simple way of life for the Khoi San people, better known to the rest of the world as the “Bushmen Tribe” of Namibia.
They still hunt their food with the precision skills of the simple ‘bow and arrows’, and nothing from their hunt is ever wasted, as clothing, fuel, houses, and cooking utensils are all made from it.
With such interesting background , Zuriel chose the children of the Khoi San tribe as her first destination stop on her new African Education initiative for 2016.
She was welcome with open arms by the clan she visited in Namibia, and learned about their simple ways of life, such as finding water in the desert, and making fire with sticks.
She spent time teaching the children mathematics, reading, and at one point – Algebra to the older children, in trying to explain how some things work in the scientific world.
Under the watchful eyes of the clans’ elders and sitting on the bare floor with the children, she drew, wrote, and illustrated on the floor with a stick, to the delight of the children, who rarely saw someone her age visit them.
Asked why she chose Namibia, her answer was as simple as the Khoi tribes way of life. “They too have children, who have dreams like I do,” Zuriel said.
In December 2015, she launched her Education Foundation in Lagos to promote the education of Africa’s children, and a few weeks earlier, she spent time teaching children at the Internally-Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Abuja.

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