Apple is a Sponsor of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

This year marks the first time that Apple is a sponsor of the Super Bowl; however, the company is not sponsoring the game itself but rather the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, reports Yahoo.

The host committee is responsible for everything from public transportation to logistics to financing. This year the Super Bowl was financed privately, raising $50 million from sponsors including Apple and Uber. 

Apple is a Sponsor of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

So why would Apple want to sponsor the committee and not the game itself? Committee CEO Keith Bruce believes the appeal for Apple is threefold: local Silicon Valley cachet; a suite at the game; and the charity aspect.

While having a suite at the game is nice and raising money for charity is great, Yahoo suggests that it's Silicon Valley cachet that may be the main reason behind the sponsorship.

“Our sponsors will get a lot of attention in the Bay Area because they stepped up early to be a part of this,” says Bruce. “Apple was the very first company of all our sponsors to step up. And the reason they did that is because they realized that it was important to Silicon Valley. It was during a bit of a transition time from Steve [Jobs] to Tim [Cook], and they told us, ‘This is the right thing to do. We're building a mega campus that will be a stone's throw from the stadium.’ They have no interest in the marketing rights, they have no interest in using our logo. But they’re promoting the partnership a lot internally to their employees.”

Notably, the committee is not allowed to have more than one sponsor in the same industry; however, they are allowed one industry exception. In San Francisco, that exception is tech, meaning that Microsoft, Google, and HP are also partners of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, along with Apple.

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Apple is a Sponsor of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

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