Afghan government urges Taliban to join peace process

The second round of the four-nation talks, with the participation of Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the United States, opened on Monday in Kabul.
Afghan Foreign Minister, Salahuddin Rabbani, said in his opening remarks that the talks are aimed at ensuring a roadmap for bringing Taliban to negotiating table with the Afghan government.
He said it was also aimed at finding a political solution to lingering crisis in the militancy-plagued country.
Rabbani on behalf of the government and the people of Afghanistan invited the Taliban to join the peace process and cooperate to solve all differences through negotiations.
The first round of the four-nation talks was held in Islamabad last week.
Taliban members, who reject the talks and push for war would be isolated, Rabbani warned in his address.
Rabbani also said Afghans are hopeful that participation and involvement of the two major powers, the U.S. and China could take the talks into result-oriented one and eventually led to lasting peace in their war-torn country.
A Afghan top diplomat said Peace in Afghanistan would benefit Pakistan and the whole region

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