Abuja residents clamour for men to wear engagement rings also

Men’s Engagement Ring
Some residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Tuesday expressed divergent views about the new clamour that men should wear engagement ring like their female counterparts.
An engagement ring is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married.
In Western countries, engagement rings are worn mostly by women, and rings can feature diamonds or other gemstones; in some other cultures men and women wear matching rings
Most of the residents told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that it was not ideal for men to wear engagement ring.
One of the respondents, Mrs Esther Gregory, a civil servant and a mother of two, said it made no difference if a man wore engagement ring or not.
“For me, if a man wears engagement ring as the ladies do, to indicate that he is about to get married, it makes no difference, neither will it change the person.
Miss Gina Okeh, a banker and soon-to-be bride, told NAN that wearing engagement ring had always been a tradition for the ladies and not for men.
According to her, engagement rings are meant to be given to the lady and not the other way round, because the man should be the one to propose, “and this is in accordance with the African tradition’’.
“Well, in our culture, the man finds for himself a woman, and engages her. So, it would be absurd to now see men wearing engagement rings.
“Remember also, that engagement ring has its own peculiarity and it would, therefore, look funny on a man’s finger.
“He might be misunderstood, thereby losing his respect as a man.
“It is expected that the man should give the lady engagement ring,” Okeh said.
In the same vein, Mr Godwin Aroh, a medical practitioner, said that engagement ring should not be worn by men considering the fact that `is the man who marries the woman’’.
“If you advice men to wear engagement ring, you are indirectly saying that women should equally propose and engage men which we know it is unheard of in our culture.
“Such can only be done probably in some Asian countries,” Aroh said.
According to Miss Meenat Abdullahi, “My engagement ring is not just a regular accessory; it symbolises the following to me:
“A fancy accessory to show off my new relationship status to family and friends;
“Commitment to spending the rest of my life, being the best person and partner I could be;
“I have been taken off the market, so, I got to move along.
“So, if I am wearing it and showing all of these, Shouldn’t my new fiancee be showing off the same things,’’ she asked.
Mr Otitoju Olajide , the CEO, Arjid-Otis Resources Nig. Ltd, said, “You know it has always been a man’s world, plus they are the head of the home.
“So, I think giving the ring to a woman is like a symbol that you are hers.
“On the other hand, if your husband or fiancee doesn’t mind wearing an engagement ring, then, you can go ahead and give him one.
“This means the lady has to buy the ring and also propose; I don’t think most women will like that, so, the choice is yours,’’ Olajide said.
Also, Pastor Daniel Ojo of the Redemption Faith Ministries said “engagement ring is an outward expression of a decision to get married to someone at any point in future.
“There is nothing wrong if a man wears engagement ring since the commitment is supposed to be a two-way thing.
“However, it should not be the woman that is giving the ring, because it is a man that should go find the woman, ” Ojo said.
Mrs Felicia Eze, a teacher, said that since it was both the man and the woman that will wear the ring after marriage, there was nothing wrong if they both wore an engagement ring.
” The man should buy two rings, and wear one to show his true commitment to the wife-to-be.
” But the woman should not provide the ring to avoid being seen as desperate, since this is not common in our society,” Eze said.

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