6 Reasons We Love Taiwanese First Female President Tsai Ing-wen

The buzz of Tsai Ing-wen becoming the first female Taiwanese president is in the air and we are proud to witness such a revolution in Asia, a continent that has been prominently dominated by male influence. Tsai Ing-wen relentlessly has started her quest to revolutionize Asia, one country at a time.
Here are 6 reasons why we love her;
— She has pioneered the girl power movement in the Asian continent by becoming the first female president in Taiwan. 
— On her TIME cover, it was said that ” She Could Lead The Only Chinese Democracy “, recent events can attest to that.
Photo Credit: New Bloom Mag
— Made history as the first time the KMT (Kuomintang of China) has lost control of the Island’s signature after it’s 8 year reign under Ma Ying-Jeou to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)
— Awesome comeback and resilience for coming back for the presidency after her narrow loss in 2012.
— Consistent ambassador for peace and stability.
— She has reaffirmed Taiwan’s independence from China, who still thought Taiwan was their territory they could reclaim even though Taiwan has been ruling itself since 1949.
— Joining South Korean president Park Geun-hye as the second female president in East Asia.
Photo Credit: 24Tanzania
Photo Credit: 24Tanzania

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