Remove and reseat the memory modules

If a memory modules are not fully seated, it can cause computing and performance problems. These problems can be resolved by removing and reseating the modules.
Follow these steps to remove and reseat memory modules for troubleshooting:
  1. Turn off the computer and disconnect the power cord.
  2. Remove the cover to access the memory.
    Removing the  cover
    Your computer may look different than the computer in the graphic.
    Some computers may not have a cover that provides access to the memory. Have the computer serviced if you cannot access the memory.
  3. Remove all of the memory modules in the computer.
    Pulling out the RAM
  4. Reinsert all memory modules.
  5. Replace the service cover, battery, and power cord.
  6. Turn on the computer.
    If the computer starts, you are done.
    If the computer does not start, continue to the next step.

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