Phillips Consulting introduces e-learning certification for Nigerians

Digital library
Digital library
In its bid to revolutionize the way businesses are done with the right technology in the all sectors of the economy in the country, Phillips Consulting, has debuted an online learning platform called “Phillips Learning Bundle”
According to the Chairman of the firm, Fuluso Phillips, the bundle is designed to empower individuals through a hassle free learning experience to im­prove their knowledge, skills and competences.
In his welcome address at the launch in partnership with a South African based learning and talent management outfit Skillsoft, Phillips reiterated the need for the platform which according to him would provide a wide range of e-learning courses, customised specifically to the needs of learners in a manner that ensures learning on varied devices.
“It is our own contribution to national capacity develop­ment to help further develop our society,” he stressed.
Explaining why the company is introducing the bundle, Associate Partner of the firm, Paul Ayim, disclosed that the World Economic Forum in its 2015 Global Competitive­ness index rated Nigeria as having one of the poorest educa­tion and skills development index in the world.
“So, it is in response to this challenge that we are intro­ducing this to Nigerians because we believe that the value of our large population can only be realised and its inherent potential harnessed if it is educated, skilled and continually retrained,” he stressed.
The bundle which he said is affordable, according to him makes learning engaging and effective, by offering 24/7 on­line mentoring, test preps (practice questions for certification exams) and virtual labs for practical application of what is learnt.

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