More than 300 climate protesters detained in Paris before summit, says police

PMB-in-Paris-5Paris police department on Monday said 317 people were taken into custody during climate emonstrations that briefly turned violent when some protesters faced off with police.
A few hundred people on Sunday defied a ban on marches imposed by the French state, which called a state of emergency after radical extremists went on a killing spree in Paris on Nov. 3 which left 130 people dead and more than 350 wounded.
In the same development, thousands of people gathered for a peaceful demonstration in Paris without marching or taking the streets.
Thousands of shoes were collected and placed in the Place de la Republique to symbolise those who would have marched if the ban hadn’t been put in place.
The demonstration was aimed at highlighting concerns over issues of climate change across the globe as 150 world leaders converged on Paris for climate conference.

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