i mistakenly turned off the display adapter on my windows 8

Solution 1

All you need to do is reset the BIOS.

Disconnect all power soures (power cable, monitor, powered speakers).
Press the power button to discharge any residual power in the system.
Open the case, and locate the battery on your motherboard.
Pop the battery out. What 1 minute. Put the battery back in the slot.
Put the case back on and reconnect everything.
Power on.

Your BIOS should be in a default state with the integrated video working again.

Good luck!

Solution 2

Unfortunately, that wasn't a solution for me. I thought hard for about 30mins until I decided to right-click on My Computer, found and hit Manage. From there, under Computer Management (Local), System Tools I clicked on Device Manager, branched out Display Adapters and right-clicking on Intel(R) HD Graphics Family (in my case), then punched the shit out of Enable! After which, I got prompted to restart my system and everything went back to normal.

Solution 3

My solution after disabling the intel hd graphichs I just chaged my HDMI cable from the HD graphich port to my HDMI nvidia port.

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