Create a backup of your files on a USB flash drive for notebooks 2014 and newer (white background)

If you have not done so already, follow these steps to create a backup of your files on a USB flash drive.
  1. Select Back up your files first (recommended), and then click Next.
  2. Select the method you want to use to choose files to back up:
    • If you want to identify the categories of files to back up, select Auto Selection. This option allows you to select the file type to back up instead of selecting the individual files to back up. For example, you can choose to back up all picture files, all document files, and all video files.
    • If you want to select individual files to back up, select User Selection, and then click Next.
    Figure : Auto Selection
    Auto Selection
  3. Depending on the method you selected, follow one of these steps:
  4. Recovery Manager scans the computer for storage devices. Select the storage device to save the backup, and then click Next.
    Figure : Choose a location to save the backup
    Choose a location to save the backup
  5. The computer prompts you to insert a blank USB flash drive. Insert the media into the computer, and then click Next.
    Recovery Manager displays the progress in backing up and burning the files to the backup media.
  6. When Recovery Manager is finished backing up files, remove the backup disc or storage device, and then click Finish to continue the recovery process.
    Figure : Backup complete
    Backup complete

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