Check - Qsat Dqcam Now Back On Supported Qsat models – Opens Hotbird Channels

This article is all about bringing to the notice of all who care to listen that qsat team of Engineers have restore full functionalities of their dqcam packages. Dqcam is one of qsat codes / accounts that opens channels in middle east and asia. It currently opens hotbird packages. Hotbird packages are not the same as dst* packages. Dqcam does not open dst*, nilesat, canalsat or any other channels apart from hobtbird channels on 13.0E KU. On hotbird, we have more than 800 premium channels which include dedicated sports channels like canal+ hd, beinsports, skysports(not uk) and so on.
load dqcam on qsat


Unfortunately, the model of qsat that can load and use dqcam are limited. I have only confirmed the following models as the once that currently supports dqcam
  • Qsat q11g, qsat q13g and q16
  • Before you can be sure that your model is supported, you need to check the following path on your qsat “menu>>setting>>xcam setup>>Dqcam.
  • If you have any of the above qsat models and you cannot find dqcam menu on your decoder, it means you may have to downgrade your qsat temporarily in other to enable dqcam menu: Link 1 avatarcam softwarelink 2 avatarcam softwareand link 3 avatarcam software.
  • You must also Have a big minimum of 3meter(note: dstv dish size is 90cm which is far below 3meter) iN SOME AFRICAN COUNTRIES LIK UGANDA, NO MATTER THE DISH SIZE, I HAVE BEEN TOLD YOU CAN NEVER GET HOTBIRD CHANNELS
  • SCAN Hotbird frequency using the following frequencies:10719 V 27500-5/6, 10723 H 29900-3/4, 10758 V 27500-3/4, 10775 H.


Once you have the requirements, you can buy the dqcam code and load on your qsat decoder. Dqcam codes are extremely cheaper than spycam code. You can buy from me when you are ready. I will implore you to only contact me for purchase of this code only when you have successfully scanned hotbird channels on your decoder. secondly, make sure your qsat has the dqcam menu.
  • Once you have purchased the dqcam “16 digits codes” you can load it by following the instructions below:
  • Menu>>setting>>xcam setup>>dqcam>>toggle from off to on>>scroll down to pin code>>load the code>>press ok button once>>press red or green button.
  • Learn about the differences between various qsat accounts here


Dqcam solutions on qsat is not as strong as that on gsky v6 and tlink decoders. This is the reason why the account is very cheap. So you must not expect best performance from it. However, currently it is performing fine. My email still remains info @ The price is very cheap and the duration of the code is one year. In short, the code is three times cheaper than spycam codes even at one year duration

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