Check - Magical Gsky Series Ruling Powervu World – With Auto Update Soft

From : Lemmymorgan

Initially, when i receive biss keys and powervu keys from fellow guru, I share it with the people in this house. But recently i stopped sharing it because of two things.
  1. Some guys approached me and entreated me that my site is very popular and  it only share authentic information; they concluded that i should stop posting biss keys that can work on 1meter dish or lower.
  2. I knew that anything about biss keys and powervu keys are open secrets and they will surely be changed even if they are not shared popularly.
gsky v6 user interface
Today the existing powervu keys that has been working for almost three weeks was blocked. And if you search my articles and comments, you will not see where i posted it. I used this to prove a pont to detractors and those who begged me that my site is responsible for blocking of codes that, nothing illegal or unofficial last long. Similarly, if you have been following me closely on this site, i wrote and article informing the house that Gsky receivers opens powervu channels with a technology inputted into their software. This technique is called Auto-keys update. I explained this thoroughly here


As of today, 5th of November 2015, Gsky v3 and Gsky v6 is still opening without any single freezing sports hd 24 and other channels on mtn worldwide position. And as at today, the keys that people ahve been using to watch sports hd 24 for the past couple of weeks was blocked. This simply tells us that, the best technology is the untraceable one. If you buy a gsky decoder for powervu, all you need to do is connect it to your tv and enjoy the powervu channels indefinitely.  Unfortunately, you can not see a powervu menu on gsky, let alone copying the keys to another receiver. It simply do what it is menat to do and it is doing it perfectly. My final words is that, if you have what it takes to watch powervu channels(I MEAN IF YOU HAVE A BIG DISH NOT DSTV DISH). please buy a gsky v6 decoder.


just like ancloud is ruling iptv world for MENA, Asia and Africa, Gsky series are ruling powervu world. Gsky powervu recievers opens the most powervu channels and all the channels are fully supported by their auto keys update software. I already have many buyers from Northern Nigeria, phillipines, Uganda, zambia to mention but a few. You should also be aware that Gsky v6 especially does many other things apart from powervu channels. To order yours(serious buyers who already knows about powervu only) send your request in an email to info @
Without any sentiments and biases, another powervu key will soon be released for sport hd 24. But it is 100% certain that it shall be blocked whether i post it or not. Why not join the future train if you have the money. We know Gsky to is a cheat and may be blocked someday..However they just proved tonight that they are serious about this project of reopening blocked powervu channels.

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